Some unused space left on the full HDD?


How comes there’s always some unused space showing after plotting any HDD entirely? It’s usually ca. 5 %, i.e. like 500gb out of 10-12 tb HDD.

I am on Linux mint, using madmax. Ryzen 3900x based systems.
It shows that free space on Disks, but in the file manager (Nemo) it shows the HDD is full.
It’s almost on all my HDDS, on both farmers ( separate machines).
It is confirmed by a result of a calculation, if I try to check it ( multiply plot no X 108,8gb).

I am trying to additionally plot this unused space, sometimes it works, but I can rarely add more than one plot at the time to this space. If I plot more they land on the temp drive.

Has anyone had this issue?

ext4 filesystem?
If so check out tune2fs -m 0