SORRY - Site outage May 6 2022

Hey All,

I know I’ve been quiet the last few months. Yesterday I was playing catch up on admin and mod stuff here, and made some rookie mistakes that took the site offline from about 11:30pm PST last night until about an hour ago. There was a little bit of data loss as I had to recover the site from a backup that was about 12-24 hours old. Sorry about that.

The site was not compromised at all. I made dumb sys admin moves because I’m rusty, and had to restore things on a new VPS from the day before yesterday’s backup. Everything should be good to go now.

IF ANYTHING IS WONKY please either comment here or DM me and I’ll see what I can do.

Sorry again

  • dchuk

I had a window open from prior to what happened.
Waiting for me was a message at the top of the screen that read:
“Congratulations, you installed Discourse! Register a new admin account with BLANK to finalize configuration.”

Note that I did no installations, and I do not know who BLANK is.

I have no idea if the above is related to what took place with this site. But since this site had an issue, I thought it is worth mentioning it to see if there is a relationship.

When I clicked on anything, I was taking to this site’s login screen. Now that makes sense, since the site was down for a period. But the other message has me confused. Note that it was not a message where we type messages. It was at the top of the screen, presented by this web site.

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That was me, and my email. Going to wipe out those details from your post, otherwise accurate.

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This is unacceptable, first the price of Chia drops, then the Chia forum goes offline… what’s next?! I’m going on a hunger strike.

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I think I went to school with that guy in the picture :rofl: :rofl: