Space Pool changed payout schedule - once a day

Posted on the Space Pool discord today:

@everyone 24 hr payout cooldown is now in effect. This means that you will only get one payout per day even if you reach your minimum payout in less than one day. You can opt out of this feature from your account settings if you wish, see screenshot in the post above.

Happy farming!

I checked the discord when no payouts since last night… Maybe others may be puzzled as I was and have no access or knowledge of Space Pool discord channel.

So be advised;-)
(Minimum pay-out schedule seems to be only changed for farms > 100TB btw)

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Nice feature, wish other pools would have it as well.

The new feature is enabled by default, but you can disable it also.

Did they also change the range of payout? It was (is?) 0.01 XCH - 0.1 XCH, so the maximum you could set was 0.1 XCH. As for taxes it maybe nice to have the payouts only once in a while (e.g. maybe twice per month instead all few days or even daily).

No sorry, the payout is still 0.01 → 0.1 XCH
The changes are to reduce payout speeds per day

The farm must still also hit the minimum to be paid out.

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Interesting comment re taxes - can I ask where you live?

In UK, taxes only payable upon conversion to fiat & above a certain capital gains threshold

Same here in the Netherlands!

I’m not to worried about the capital gains treshold yet;-)