Space Pool - Current Points Balance = 0

I have been plotting for Space pool for more than one week, I think the plots are valid however the current points balance is still 0

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Any thoughts?

Reserve deposit for space-pool is 1.75xch
The payout for all of chia on pools is 0.2 xch/pb/day

Since U failed to tell us who how many plots u have I will fill in the detail.

Say u have 10TB or 100 plots; then 10/1000 = 0.01 ( your pb ); 1.75xch/(0.01*0.2)=875; days

Come back to us in 3 years, and then we’ll estimate your first payout, say once u have mined 1.75xch, then u can get your first payout of 0.05xch, which will take 2-3 more months for first payout.

Is this a scam? Its certainly copied directly from nice-hash the king of scammers; See most people will never stick around 3 years, so they just leave early, never collect;

Now think 100plots (10tb) is normal for normal humans playing the chia game, sure some people have 100TB or 1,000 plots, but that 88days, or 3 months just to cover the house insurance.

Lastly, the fact that every PP NFT pool is doing this scam is clear proof that they know that NFT will be bombarded by fake-plots.

Right now on HPOOL u get paid out on 0.05, so u would get a payout on 10TB every 25 days. Not 3+ years like space-pool or any other so called “Official Pool”

Finally the game of mining, and pooling is collecting coin to your own cold-wallet address, the fact that u must wait 3 years means this graft is rigged for morons.

I understand why ‘Caleb’ does this, he has no backup coin, no money, no basis to cover the coming 20% fake-plot payout’s so he gets the insurance across the board from all customers, meaning that when space-pool goes BK in six months, your going to get a big zero for even being at the pool in the first place.

One other thing space-pool has 300PB of space, reportedly could be lower. This is less than 2% of the chia world pool space, where HPOOL has +80% of the space for all pools for chia on earth.

HPOOL wins every few minutes and passes 100% of wins back to customer; space wins a few times a day

space-pool at 300PB claims to have 30,000 miners (big lie), if that be the case, then that means he has exactly 30k ppl with 10tb mining, which is a realistic average, but nada any of those ppl will see a real payout for +3 years.

Payout for NFT & OG are the same 0.2-0.21 xch/pb/day; It doesn’t matter which pool you are at these are constant values that change daily; But if your on a pool so small that it never sees a win, then your never going to meet the 1.75xch insurance reserve.

Best contact their support channel, you should be getting points in your balance.
Maybe they have a different system for tracking that, or there’s a bug in your setup, I don’t know.

Most of the pools have a function to check your status on their website by entering your launcher ID
So you should check that to see what is reported there as well

No they are not, have to read a bit better

I have a very simple solution. Points reset every payout. Did you get a payout for the 1,690 points? You are getting points, the fact that your current points is zero doesn’t mean it’s broken.

As for somemoar’s rant there is a valid point in there. Plenty might leave pools before getting payouts but that doesn’t make it a scam. I love how so many people wants to claim everything is a scam and a lie. That 30k users has some big farms in it, so that means there are thousands of people below that 10TB average. This isn’t surprising given it’s a youtube pool so there must be thousands of farms that have put the few TB of extra space they have onto the pool.

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If only we could all be as smart as you Elmer FUD

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Until u meet the ‘minimum payout balance’ your balance will be zero, the house keeps all until the 1.75xch is met, about 3 years from now ( assuming 10TB)

minimum payout balance,its 1.75xch, how much TB U have I’ll tell you how many years you have to wait for an above zero balance,

why is it in this chia-cult, that nobody scammed will ever admit they were scammed? In 3 years space-pool will be gone in a year, and your balance is going be zero for an infinite period of time.

Winning zero before ‘official pools’ was WINNING, now with official pools you are all still earning zero, and still call it winning.

its a scam

Nobody’s falling for your bullshit, but, carry on.

Payout on spacepool is 0.01xch. Please check your FUD at the door.

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Why is it BS, I’m not the creator of space-pool.

Riddle me this monty, talking about points being ‘zero’, why is that all the data on space-pool is fake?

" "

Just using one example from the leaderboard, a 24 hour user, so he’s earning about right 0.22 xch/pb/day; But the problem is everyone of the data points come up null on chia-explorer this is all fake data, just like the OP is claiming.

So essentially all the users on space-pool are fake, all the rewards are fake; and what really funny is some people have 4pb, and have already broken the 1.75xch ceiling, but there payout is still < 1 xch; 1.1PB should be earning about 1.5 xch during this 24 clock period but actual payout was 0.5 xch, so the dude is getting ripped off by 66% if he’s real :frowning:

This dude has 4PB, he should already broke ceiling and had xch transferred to his public-address; Instead he’s got a total balance of 0.5xch. ( but none of the hex values are real, all show up null on “


The strange stuff about all this is all these hex values should map back to the explorer and they don’t.

You can follow all the ‘payouts-tab’ to the public hashes and non map to the explorer.

Me thinks we have one real user of space-pool here the OP who is seeing ZERO, then we have 100’s of paid bots on this site to say “No problem, move along”.

Enter your ‘public pool addresss’ from ‘chia keys show’ and use this site, but change the account info

You should see the real data on your account;

Here e6b57a071f99cb7a0b5d9182663aa9d8b25e85cac1eb7630d8574a36e3ae905f is my account, not your account;

says right there 103 plots, that a lot to write without even reading the guys post to begin with.

Sorry I don’t read GUI; :frowning:

Converting the puzzle-hash public to address I did get …

0.5xch paid, not good for 4pb, +24 hours; whales would call it a scam, loser would call it winning, morons would say bend over & enjoy it!

LMFAO. OK. I’ll be spending my ‘fake rewards’ while you’re still here bitchin.

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ok, so 103 plots, 10.5TB, he should still have a at least 1329 points;

Like I said earlier needs run his account through the space.pool/accoun/xxx, where xx is his account verify his points, it could be his GUI is broken like they always are

His earning should be 0.00251244 xch/day at 10TB, so he’s making a whopping 50 cents a day or 0.44 EURO on 103 plots,

Points who cares about points???

Web of lies! You’re shilling for HPOOL. We see you. Minimum payout from SpacePool is 0.01 XCH, I got my first one today as expected.

Full disclosure: I’m not Monty Burns, my real name is Mr Snrub

Talking about WHOPPER, here’s a guy with 230TB of plots (thats a lot, like 2300 plots )

He’s gotten paid $4, 0.019271 for 24 hour/day

They call it “WINNING” because you have be brain-dead to believe.

WHat’s your hash puzzle-hash? Prove-it? Show the facts to backup your claims. As to hpool, nobody here is talking about hpool, this thread is about space.pool, if u didn’t bother to read the OP.

So we wait for MB’s puzzle-hash, so we can study how much he really has at stake in this psycho game.