- Advanced Chia Pooling Dashboard

Hi farmers of space!

Months after starting our mainnet engines it’s time to give you a proper introduction to! A few dozen users already found their way to our pool. We’re one of the smaller pools here, but things are starting to grow. Our goal is to build a transparant pool (data, lots of data!) where farmers are in control. We know each other by name in our Discord community and we celebrate our blocks like it’s the last day on earth. The developers / admins are always open for a conversation about improving the pool.

Key points of the pool:

  • 0% fee, no intentions to raise it currently
  • No unexpected fee changes, see
  • Set your own difficulty (time per partial)
  • PPLNS 24H reward system
  • Instant pay-outs
  • Dedicated servers located in a eco-friendly datacenters (Netherlands)
  • Custom farm names
  • Farm downtime / pay-out notifications
  • Farm efficiency tools
  • Great knowledge base maintained by the community
  • Discord community with users eager to help

You can find all information and instructions for joining at
Let’s stay in touch, join our Discord.


Great Pool with lots of nice features and clear and transparent communication!

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Best pool on the galaxy :rocket:

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Great features and great community im here from the beginning and stay there to the moon. Join this awesome spaceship.


Long time lurker here on Chia Forum. I am actually (positively!) surprised to see your pressence here. I have been farming with Spacefarmers since pool launch and gradually moved some of my other Pool NFTs there. At this point, I think many farmers are happy where they are, but I still would highly recommend this pool to anyone looking for a very transparant and interactive pool.

Sometimes I wonder why the pool is still not on the same level regarding other pools in terms of size. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I haven’t seen so much from Spacefarmers in this forum or on Reddit. Is there a reason you have not advertised the pool so much in here?

Either way, hope we may attract some numbercrunchers to our pool and looking forward to see us grow further!

Is there a reason you have not advertised the pool so much in here?

Growth is always nice, but our focus is primarily on the current userbase. We’re not here to make a living out of it. We want our community to have a good time, while maintaining a professional level of service. Our Discord is very active and we reward that with block bingo’s and Discord drops.

Have a look around and if you like what you see, have chat with us:

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We’ve released a new update of our pool and dashboard. You can find the full list of changes below:

V1.2 Release Log

  • Updated Chia node to V1.2.7
  • Chia GUI / CLI shows correct amount of points, PROP system removed
  • Rebuild block claim process to prevent fake blocks
  • Blocks show claimed and received height (only works for new blocks)
  • Farmer page dynamically loads tabs instead of all at once
  • Farmer page tabs are reloaded when clicking on the tab
  • Farmer page URL includes the tab opened, so it’s easier to open / share / bookmark a specific tab
  • Farmer page > Partials tab shows additional information
  • Farmer page > Partials tab includes a filter to only show invalid partials
  • Farmer page > Plots tab has been added, this tab includes harvesters and plots (sortable) tables
  • Farmer page > Payouts tab now shows block rewards in balance table
  • Farmer page > Settings tab: Added a fixed difficulty calculator which allows farmers to set a fixed difficulty
  • Farmer page > Settings tab: Added TripleM999’s (a user of ours) calculator (less difficulty swings)
  • Farmer page > Settings tab: Difficulty settings can be changed once an hour
  • Added Top Community Chia Farming Pools | XCHscan API, listing soon
  • Added farmer name and 24 TiB size to farmer API endpoint

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We’ve recently released a new update of our pool / dashboard software:

V1.3 Release Log

New features

  • Voluntary fee - set a fee of your liking as donation for the pool (Thanks!)
  • Updated farmer plots tab:
    • Improved harvesters table
    • Added plots graph (replaces the old plots table)
    • Name your harvesters (requires login)
  • More effort stats (30d, 7d, etc) added to the blocks page
  • Personal effort added to farmers page (+ previous blocks)
  • Show pool current effort in Discord
  • Show farmer current payout address
  • Show payout address of historical payouts
  • Added partials endpoint to API (see API docs)
  • Added plots endpoint to API (see API docs)

Bugfixes / minor improvements

  • Start farmer TiB graph from farm size 7D ago and not from 0
  • Don’t add 0 points farmers to the payout list
  • Paginated farmer payouts tab
  • Dashboard overview styling improvements (eg. hide days in ETW when 0)
  • Fixed the bug where opening a farmer tab in a new tab / windows gave an error
  • Made TriplleM999’s diff calculator default (removed old diff calculator)


Just wanted to say thanks for the pool, only joined yesterday, but very happy so far.


1 year in space! :rocket:

Time goes fast in space! It’s been a year since our pool launched and just recently we claimed our 1000th block. A lot has happened since we gave you our last update here. So it’s time for a summary of our adventures:

Payout batches
We’ve welcomed a lot of new farmers in the last few months! We’ve grown from 16 PiB (January 1st) to 46 PiB today. Due to amount of blocks we find each day, we’ve decided to switch to payouts batches. Once a day all open payouts are sent out to our farmers. We do not use minimum amounts or minimum fees!

Mobile apps
Monitor your farm from your mobile phone using our new Apple and Android app! It uses our new notification system which is easy to setup and warns you instantly when something is wrong with your farm.

Pool wiki
We set up a wiki to prevent knowledge from ever getting lost. The wiki is maintained by our community and full of tricks for your farm.

Community node
Some farmers have trouble running a node (limited resources, solar power). We have created a load-balanced community node that allows any pool user to farm without having to run a node themselves. No additional software is required, it works out of the box with the most recent Chia software.

Database upgrade
Our previous database was getting old (sorry Influx!). We have replaced our database with a new better performing one! The migration was done without any loss of data or downtime. The performance of the pool increased a lot and is ready to receive many, many, many more partials!

And let’s also not forget about Telegram, websockets update, block bingo, improved API, and many other smaller updates! Also, the journey to come will be very exciting: Currently we’re working on V2! So stay tuned!

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Never regret my decision to join! Still no official fees, a active community and alot of knowledge in the space fam!

See you soon!

I recently switched over to this pool. I am beyond pleased. The experience has been nothing but positive. The dashboard is awesome and the app is a plus. Anyone would benefit from taking a look at this pool. Wish I would have started out here.