- no payout?

Anyone else not have any payouts on in several days? Looks like they are 350% work on a block right now. Curious as to reasons other than bad luck. Thank you !

How long have you been farming?

Did you check info about caught blocks on chia explorer?

Payout was 416% over predicted period. Eventually a block was found and paid out. Next one was in 25% of payout period. It was just bad luck !

Hi johnnyblaz,

Sorry for the late response, I was out of town for a few days. It is correct we had a unlucky block this week (416% effort). Although this is not extremely rare, it does take a bit longer to resolve. The bigger pools also have bad luck: every pool has the same effort swings. Bad luck blocks take much longer than lucky blocks, especially at a smaller pool. Looking over a longer period of pooling it doesn’t really matter which pool you’ve farmed with, it’ll even out in the long run.

Smaller pools ask a bit more of your patience. Give it a bit of time and I’m sure we’ll soon turn to the lucky side again.

Also, consider joining our Discord, much easier to communicate with us :slight_smile:


Thanks for the response :pray: This is one of the reasons why I’m sticking with your pool !