SpacePool Blocked ? CISCO Umbrella

Hi All - I know this forum is mainly aimed at CHIA only, apologies if this is slightly off key but my issue is connection to Spacepool.

I’ve been running a CHIA farm (10TB and growing) for about 2 months now. All good so far, however I recently had to move off Telstra Cable internet to NBN, Telstra NBN plans suck, so I moved across to Superloop NBN today.

All seemed o.k until I went to start up my spacepool account. I’m assuming Superloop sees as a security threat so its blocked. The CHIA is plotting and farming is running so all good there.

Tried to reach my spacepool account and even their leader board using three different devices on the home NBN internet, still blocked by CISCO Umbrella service. On my iPhone via Optus I can still see my Spacepool account ticking over.

I did a search on CHIA Forum but seems no one has had this issue? Sorry if I’ve placed this into the wring forum stream too.

Screenshot of error attached.

cisco umbrella block spacepool|466x499](upload://b71K6rFG6HILV73BxossHmL980M.jpeg)

Any guidance or similar experience would greatly appreciated - before I call Superloop tomorrow.
RedPillAussie (RPA)

Maybe also check your router, cisco sounds like something router related. Could be that your router reset some security/personal content filter settings when switching ISP

Go to the Space Pool Discord and ask them for help. If indeed they’re blocked by your ISP, you’ll need them to resolve it.

You can do this on your phone, where you can still access the Space Pool website. It should have a Discord invite link.

Maybe in your router try to use a different DNS server, not the one that is given by your current ISP. It smells like DNS blocking, and if such, easy to bypass by using any open DNS server.

Here is a list of public DNSes. Of course, potentially the best/fastest (what you want) is one in your country. It doesn’t mean that the provider is in your country, but rather that they host their servers in your country. But, just to test it, I would go with Comodo. I would stay away from Google, or potentially providers like Norton, as they know better what you don’t want to see, and may filter more stuff “on your behalf.”

Again, the idea of filtering out sites with malware is great, but for bigger companies, administrative forces may consider things like that space.pool a malware, as they don’t pay them to be delisted (rather common practice with email servers, but still a scam).

thanks Voodoo - checked DNS and yup - was reconfigured by the new NBN to OPEN DNS so I changed it to Cloudflare - All working ! Many thx again !

Hi Jacek, you were spot on ! Router was reconfigured without me knowing, by the new NBN to OPEN DNS.

The fix : I’ve now changed both IPv4 and IPv6 primary and secondary DNS settings in the Router to the Cloudflare DNS range . - All working !

Hope this string helps others who might have fallen into the same trap.
Many thanks again !

Hi RedPillAussie,

Great that it got resolved.

When you change your ISP, your router settings have to be modified.

You may take a look at this DNS benchmarking app (Windows app). Steve Gibson wrote it like 100 years ago, but it is a little gem. I am not sure how the list of those DNSes used during that benchmarking is populated, but you can manually add your own (primary and secondary), to compare those to the rest. Just check whether it has some name servers located in your country to have a fair comparison (I only see US based, but I am in US - far right column). It doesn’t test IPv6, though.

Again, that tool just benchmarks those DNSes. You need to use your own preferences in what service you believe will monitor your traffic less, etc.

Also, maybe you could let Space Pool know about that issue, so they can potentially resolve it. Usually, there are two reasons that domains are added to such lists. First is that the country you are in requested some services to be blocked (I don’t think that is the case). The other is that a given web page was potentially compromised at some point, and had injected malware (bad for all Space Pool users, I guess). Usually, they have a standard process that would let Space Pool to be removed from their list. I would think that they should resolve that issue, as otherwise it is a bit fishy.

Take care, Jacek

Jacek - super appreciate the DNS benchmarking tool !

All the best.