Srsly windows 11 , broken chia

Why won’t chia fricken open!!!
It opened one time. When I first installed
Got logged in. Than now the gui will not open no matter what

Ports open. All windows defender and virus scanner turned off. Wide open.

When I click on chia. I can see in task manager that it’s doing something… but the gui will not open period.

Fresh windows install.
Brand new gaming pc. 11900k 32gb ram. 2060 dual oc. All on water

What the hell.

Any windows wizards out there I’m all ears.

What am I supposed to be looking for in logs

How do I isolate the gui chia process?

Occasionally the loading screen shows up…. Than no gui to follow

So lame. So frustrated please help.

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Id try a reinstall of chia software myself.
Ive no exp with win 11 though.


From the few limited experiences I’ve had with Windows 11, it is broken. My friend’s PC got force upgraded to Windows 11 and Edge, Microsoft’s own Chrome browser ripoff barely even works anymore. The week prior when I was over there on Windows 10, browsing was fine, so I concluded that Windows 11 broke it.

That said, there are a couple of places you should look for logs. First, check Chia’s debug.log (see Windows Tips and Tricks · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub)

The Windows Event Viewer may have some info logged, but this is unlikely.

If the Chia node, farmer, wallet, etc daemons don’t start up, then there’s a problem getting those services up and running. It could just be some very early problem with the GUI/program and none of these necessary services are even starting, and therefore you probably won’t find much in the logs.

That’s good it ran once, so it might be DB or config corruption preventing things from starting, but the Chia logs should show something if this is the case.

If you can, try starting the GUI from the command line. More debug info might get printed to the console which can help identify where things are breaking.

Good luck.

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Try a -right click- on Chia, then run as administrator.


Why did you upgrade to Win 11. Win 10 works so well there is now reason for anyone to upgrade. Never upgrade anything unless there is a problem to fix by it.
Your best bet would probably be to rll back to Win 10. Good luck.

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There’s a few reason.
There’s a few changes to how a graphics card communicates to cpu…
And a couple other display related benifits.

I don’t notice tho.

I just love the bleeding edge. :man_facepalming:

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