Ssd Barracuda 2TB

Hi guys,
I’m having terrible problems with how slow this NVME is.
When I run a plots on 2TB nvme barracuda, 1tb nvme Samsung evo, and on spare new 18tb HDD( for test purposes) I’m getting very strange results.

Seagate nvme is slowest from the 3.

For example from plot logs:

When computing table 1:

Seagate NVME: F1 complete, time 776.407 seconds;

Samsung Evo : F1 complete, time 106 seconds;

Sata HDD: F1 complete, time 146 seconds;

Another example:

after plotting for 1h40min:

Seagate: 6%
Samsung evo: 19%

Should I return this seagate nvme back?
Am I missing something?
I’m running latest 1.1.2 update on Ubuntu.

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the seagate Q5 is QLC, seems not really good for non stop read and write, Samsung will be better.

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It is a QLC disk.
TLC one (compute) should be faster.

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Another option for you

I’m running 6 plots on it and 3 plots on another drive. I’m pulling F1 of 132 on it with my 5800X. You’re mileage will of course vary with system, but it’ll be miles better than that Barracuda. And of course review the suggestions elsewhere on the forum.

Thank you for all the replies. I’ve returned it back to the shop.

I thought you can plot 7 parallel at same time with 2tb max. In your case 6 plots is limited by cpu?

Multiple reasons, it’s my primary drive so there is already stuff on there and I’m ram limited as well.