SSD for Chia Plotting?

Hello Guys,

I want to ask this; I have MSI GE75 8 SF laptop and I want to buy an SSD to plot:

12 thread CPU; 32 GB RAM and PCIe 3.0. so technically I need 2 TB to plot in 6 parallels.

The alternatives are 2x 970 pro or 1x 980 pro.

970 pro better endurance but no 2 TB option.

980 pro 2 TB option.

What I want to ask is which one is better and can I still do 6 parallels if I get 2 separate 970 PROs. Or can I only use one HDD while plotting at 1 PC?

Thank you.

if you have two nvme then two ssd, probably better than 2 tb you get 7 rafts

No I will buy 2x 970 pro or 1x 980 pro. And I will farm to HDD not SSD. I have no SSD yet. I will buy after this questions’ answer. Thank you by the way for your answer

What is “raft”? Do you mean “plot”?

Hello, do you know my question’s answer? can you please help me?
Can I just need to create 2 queues 3+3 to same the same HDD as destination and it works right? These disks are so expensive in my country so i want to be sure about it :slight_smile:

Thank you for your time.

yes, it is better to create several plots with a launch interval of 120-145 minutes (it depends on your hardware and everything is in the logs)

put one 2tb and run 7 plots with an interval of at least 120 minutes and everything will be built without errors

Interval means delay between each plots?

well of course my friend

I didn’t see much problem in plotting simultaneously as long as the client is not moved … in Windows this client sucks and always crashes when clicking on the menus, then I never know when it ended xD

I am currently plotting 15 plots per day, using 4 cores + 5.1gb Ram + SSD M.2, making 3 plots simultaneously in 2 SSDs M.2 and has been running smoothly without error problems on the client.

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Thank you for your answer. what you use as OS? Btw my laptop has 2 nvme slots so i need to put my windows to the one of the plotter SSD. Does it create any problems?

I use a laptop too, and on the m.2. of the system I only plot 1 at a time…without too many problems with the system.

In the second ssd I plot 2 simultaneous…during the day I move the plots to portable HDDs connected via 1 USB-C/USB-A hub.

I have been having problems with the client for windows, which normally crashes when there are many simultaneous plots … anyone with this problem too?

Its freezing if you are asking that yeah I have that problem too. Also do you have another disk for your OS instead of one of the plotters?

On my system’s ssd I only plot 1 at a time, to use the minimum of the disk that has 2gb/s of writing and reading…but the problem happens when I’m plotting more than 5 simultaneous, so I stabilized at 3 at a time in this laptop, and use a remote pc to plot about 5 more a day, which I download the next day.