SSD Recovery N/A reason - True or Not

Stumbled on the following reason of a microwallet that went MIA, to me that’s a total new one why wouldn’t a certain controller model not be supported… replacing the chip should solve the issue afaik… or do I miss something

  • SSD doesn’t detect because of a failed controller chip
  • Controller model: SM2258H
  • There is no support for this controller model in the data recovery industry"

Anyway no loss for me there but wondering if that reason is even possible … or the cost to high to fix… we all use SSD’s and some of us might have ones with a similar controller chip set…

If your SSD has SM 2258H – use ADATA. SiliconMotion Utility Basically there is no difference between them when you are using Active Utilities for data recovery, and the steps of drive initialization would be always the same so sorry to say it but this microwallet is lying

And what year do you have an SSD drive installed? Perhaps you bought too much new hardware and tried to connect it to an old computer?