SSD SATA3 vs SSD m.2 nvme

EDIT: Now I understand that if I don’t have an i7 CPU with 8 cores and 32 GB fast DDR4, then it’s not worth buying nvme, but SATA is enough for me, can someone please confirm it for me? I’m not sure because my older i5-2400 (4 cores 4 threads) + 16 GB RAM DDR3 1333 Mhz comes to me as still quite a fast assembly. So what do you think I should buy SATA or NVME? Thank you very much.

Hi, has anyone tried to compare SSD performance SATA3 vs SSD m.2 nvme?

I don’t have an m.2 slot in my PC, I would have to solve it with an adapter via PCI-e x16, which I guess shouldn’t have any negative effects (eg performance).

The question is: How slower will plotting be with the Sata SSD 500 MB / s maximum write speed compared to the SSD nvme 3500 MB / s maximum write speed.

I think about it so that if nvme is 7x faster, the plotting must be 7x faster. However, user @casualChia thinks that the difference between the two plotting processes will be almost no compared to SSA SATA.

Do you have any practical experience with this, please?

I wouldn’t like to buy a SATA SSD and then was upset that plotting is very slow. If the SSD m.2 nvme provides 7x faster plotting compared to the SSD sata, then I will definitely buy the SSD nvme, but if there is really no such difference, then I will only buy an SSD SATA.

Thank you very much.

what board do you have? because having a free PCI-e x16 slot doesn’t mean it’s fully usable. There are limits to how much bandwidth/lanes it has available.

Single plotting, I want to say people were seeing 10-15% improvement? It’s not worth it IMO. However, when you get into parallel plotting, this is where it helps. People doing 4-5 at a time on NMVe at a better rate t han trying that with a single SATA SSD. But if you raid SATA SSD, that can change things too. I’m not sure how much it can handle.

But given your CPU, you can probably do 2 at a time safely… maybe 3 at one core? I’d say just test and see if you’re happy with t he speeds. I don’t think it’d be worth going NVMe for you.


There are actually two of you who tell me that probably the capabilities of nvme will not be used by my PC to the extent that it pays to buy nvme.

So I’ll buy an SSD. I don’t know if 1 TB will pay off for me, if I will probably only prosecute 2 processes, but maybe I prefer 1 TB with a spear, I won’t give anything for testing three processes at the same time.

Thank you very much for your opinion.