Starting farmer with questions

Hi chia plotters,
I am interested to start farming chia coin but found my self confused with all the data on the web.
I would like to know at first if my rig is ok to start with:
16gb ram
600w psu
Now I am interested in buying HDD/SSD for temp folder (should it be ssd? If so, I would like to know the difference )
And the plot folder.
About the plot folder , is the files needs to stay forever on hdd or can I delete it in the future? If I can delete them, how and when?
How much GB ROM do I need for temp folder to make good profits and for multiple plotting?
Also, in your opinion, what’s the average plots farming it takes to win xch?
I also have a second pc:
Intel Atom x5-Z8300 Cherry Trail
750GB ROM external SSD, USB 3.0
Ubuntu 20.04
Can I utilize it for farming as well?!
I’m asking because I saw in a tutorial that there are two functions in the app, one that is used for stronger computers and one for the lighter ones…

Thanks in advance for all helps and answer!

Please browse the forums for a while here, there are many many threads about various rigs and settings.

I found the wiki now , I missed it sorry.
Found most of the info needed thanks.

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Some key points:

  • Internal SSD for temporary folders - know that plotting may wear it out after 200 plots depending on its quality/price
  • With 16 GB RAM I would have 3 plots running in parallel starting maybe 3 hours apart.

Thanks for the recommendation!