State of the Forum, week of May 2nd

It’s been a week!

If you remember from the last thread:

We had almost 250 users, and had just broken 13k page views in a day.

Check out things since then…

Traffic has more than doubled on a daily basis, and nearly every metric is up and to the right! This is really exciting for our community here, as the organic growth is really taking off and we’re really fostering a helpful, self-sustaining forum!

We’re now well over 500 users, and growing by a few dozen daily. All of our subforums are growing quickly, and just overall I’m stoked to see us progress this quickly. The next few months should be fun!

To memorialize the big day tomorrow, here’s a snapshot of the netspace the night before transactions officially start:

Obviously things are growing pretty aggressively, and I don’t see any reason that should stop soon.

Other Updates

Forum Leaders

You’ll see some minor user flair on my account, and a few users here who are helping keep content high quality and conversations effective (@Blueoxx @codinghorror @cultiv ). I’ll be asking a few more folks here over the weeks to help out as well, so if you’re active here and interested, please let me know!

Upcoming Pools Q&A with Gene & Bram

I’ve been chatting with Gene Hoffman (@hoffmang), and we discussed once the dust has settled on transactions launch this week, we’ll do a Q&A about the upcoming pools capabilities and share all of the answers here in a mega-thread for everyone to read through. Let’s start collecting those questions!

Thank you all for the participation here, really awesome to see a new community spring up so quickly. Big day tomorrow, keep farming!


Oh I forgot, I also made the various logos here transparent, for you dark mode folks :slight_smile:


To paraphrase Steve Martin “Col 4, Row 73, Justin Lloyd! I’m somebody now! Millions of people look at this forum every day! This is the kind of spontaneous publicity, you’re name in print, that makes people. I’m in print! Things are going to start happening to me now.”


Thank you :clap:  

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