Stay Away From

Stay away from They have too good to be true prices. I paid for a month of service to try it out, and haven’t heard back.

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Thank you for alerting others about that ! Indeed their offers seems too good to be true… also payments options made me suspicious a bit, they didn’t even contacted you? You just payed and they gave nothing?
Can I ask what payment option did u choose? only excepts crypto, and I paid in bitcoin. They have a wait period of 48-72 hours for delivery after the payment has been made. They communicated until the hrs deadline, and then went AWOL. I wanted to confirm if they were not in office , or just avoiding me. I created a fake account, ordered another server(didn’t pay for it), and then reached out to the online support. They answered me in less than a minute. After I complained about the pending server they terminated my paid account.


Thanks for sharing your experience. I was strongly considering it due to the price, though it did seem too good to be true. Storage and compute for 25% of the cost of object storage.

I reached out to support to answer some question, and the response was clearly not written by a native speaker, which seems odd for being in the UK. Seemed a bit odd, but borderline acceptable.

Didn’t realize it was crypto only, don’t think I’ll be going forward with them.

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