Still disconnected

Hey guys,
Since yesterday 23:00 I keep disconnecting.
My gui trys to sync and after 2-3 mins the full node in peer section disappers and im out of sync again. Port 8444 is opend and im on version 1.1.5.

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Yup. Can’t sync either since update

Port 8444 open

Same here…Just started tonight (8pm Sydney time) . Any ideas as to what is going on? No issues up to now, running 1.1.5 for the past few days.

I’m in sync again, restarted pc, connected to: and waited for around 15 mins and it started to sync.

I am now back on the air again after 3.5 hours of no syncing…no rhyme or reason to this. Is it normal to go through phases of been connected but not syncing? I have not changed my config nor did I reboot.

Tagging in here, I’m having the same issue. After the update I had to make sure that Windows Firewall also approved the new version of the exe file for the GUI, and it did sync again, but the problem persists every time I set up plots and come back, and can’t find other measures to take.

Update: the problem showed up again.
Don’t know what i should do to fix, firewall is opend, router too, connecting to full node or introducer dosen’t work…

Discovered some bug: node is going to sync now, seeing new block appear but still it still say “not synced”