Still synching cannot connect to others and vice/versa

So as many of you know I had to blow everything away a week ago to get me back up and running. The hardship is that is ti still synching a week later as is the wallet. I have many nodes proving god download, but I’m still stuck at 600K…uggggg this is a week later…I don’t know how to get this moving any faster.

I have tried to connect to some super peers and am unable to. I also have those same peers who try to connect to me and it connects but disconnects immediately and on both sides, there is nothing in the error log. Running 1.2.11

I have plenty of connection space as I played whackamoo with the rogue peers (no height given) and the other side I try to connect to has plenty of connection space as well.

I logged a ticket with the Devs, but they just say, I must not have enough room or vice versa and I let them no, that this was not the case, but still stuck. I can’t connect nor any9one to me but I have lots of peers but I need quality peers.