Stopped Syncing

Hey everyone!

I just bought an r720 Dell server computer equipped with 5 TBs of SAS drives, two Xeon E5-2680 processors, and 256gbs worth of RAM. I have it connected by ethernet into my router and router is also connected by ethernet into my modem. There are additional 10 HDDs connected by USB going to the server. I have Windows 10 set up on it which is also installed to the SAS drives. I currently have all of the RAM assigned out as a RAM disk.

I got Chia installed on it last weekend and projected by the rate of syncing, that I should have had a full node by the middle of the week. By Wednesday, I noticed it start to slow down and by Saturday, it completely stopped. I’ve been stuck at 2031054/3142956 since yesterday morning, at least that was when I became aware of the problem.

I’ve checked the 8444 port and an online port checker confirmed that it was open. Chia does say that I am connected and my time zones are accurate. At this point it just flashes between the amount synced and displays “NOT SYNCED” repeatedly.

I did see that when I click on Full Node in the top right hand corner my speeds are anywhere from 0.02 to 0.05/0.00 to 90 these. Under Wallet 0.00 to 0.04 / 0.00 to 12.

I am now in the process of copying the DB folder from my original computer I used to farm with to bring up to the present, but my concern is if I copy it over, I’m not convinced that I will remain synced.

Does anyone have any idea of what I need to do in order to get the server computer back in business?

System Disk full?

Min characters.

No, my virtual drive is about 4gbs out of 5tbs. Most of my external drives are full but those are just plots.

You can try to delete peers (they’re these small files in your db folder).

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This will help you

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With a proper shutdown, the node closes gracefully enough and the database remains intact. I’d shut Chia down, then start it up again - it should kick off from where it left off.

Maybe this is a teaser reveal for the next AMA: Chia is going sentient.

I don’t know what is going on at this point. I copied over the db folder from my old computer which was at Full Node and Chia decided to restart syncing from the beginning. So now I’m 500000 into 3100000… As frustrating as this is, at least it is syncing again!

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Alright more mysteries going on over here. I started to sync again from 0 Sunday afternoon. Already it seemed to be slow. This morning (Tuesday) it was 575000 and when I got home from work, roughly 10 hours later, it jumped up to a whopping 584000. So by doing the math:

584000 - 575000 = 9000
9000 / 10 hours = 900 per hour
900 / 60 = 15 per minute
3153798 for Full Node / 15 per minute = 210253 minutes till Full Node
210253 / 60 minutes per hour = 3504 days till Full Node
3504 / 24 hours per day = 115 days till Full Node
Yeah, that seems right!?!

Anyways, I deleted by entire chia folder under the User directory and restarted using 1.6.2. Now it seems to be syncing at 568 per minute which will put me back at my original projection of about 3.5 to 4 days.

What on earth…