Storage Hard Drive Format Poll

Lets have a Poll as to what you store your plots on:

  • NTFS
  • EXT4
  • exFAT
  • Something Else

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voted for XFS. (you can add it to vote)

My “Something Else” besides NTFS was btrfs

Ive no idea what XFS or btrfs are. Ill Google now.

Not used by choice but because it was a requirement for Synology’s Active Backup for Business. (I have no dedicated resources for Chia as I started late and am not yet convinced it can make ROI for me at this point, so I’m temp using surplus backup space)

Should i re-do this poll adding XFS and btrfs and remove exFAT?

And also - what would you use by choice as a question.

Actually, choice of file system depends on several factors, such as OS support, compatibility, scalability etc.
For example, for win you will be able to use ntfs, but not xfs or btrfs (without adding support for it, that’s another story). Or if you use several OSes you should get FS what will be readable on all devices.
My ecosystem consists of linux and linux, so I chose FS better for linux, not better at abstract.