Struggling to find optimal plotman settings

Hello! It’s been more than a week that i’m playing with chia plotting to find some good settings for my setup, but i feel it can do better, would love to hear some opinion and suggestion! I was using Swar manging to have around 2tb/day and now i’m trying plotman with those configs:

my actual setup:

  • intel 10700 (8c/16t)
  • 64gb ram 2666
  • 2x2tb nvme (wd black an1500 and samsung 970 evo plus)
  • asus prime b460 plus


  • tmpdir_stagger_phase_major: 2
  • tmpdir_stagger_phase_minor: 1
  • tmpdir_stagger_phase_limit: 4
  • tmpdir_max_jobs: 9
  • global_max_jobs: 9
  • global_stagger_m: 45
  • n_threads: 4
  • job_buffer: 7000

Just found out that my 2 nvme, are at 70 and 85 C°, even if the wd black an1500 come out with a big metallic heatsink and i installed a passive one on the 970 evo plus, anyway, just buyed a new little fan to attach to it, will see if it will improve my plotting speed

That’s about the best you can do. Maybe 20% improvement room. But you already have 9 jobs on a 2T drive, maybe too many. Try barrier at 1:7 and 8 jobs. Should be similar average yield with reduced drive load ( so less overhead).

Split your ram to a new 8 core machine and you double the yield. YAY.

Actually, i have 4tb nvme, 2x2tb. I will try 1:7 staggering with 8 pararrel and let you know thanks!
For the ram, yeah, i took more than i need, just seeing lately that i never go over 22gb used, even if all the rest is continuously in cache and i had to disable swap that was always getting full

swap is swap, pages has a reason to be paged out and stays in the swap for a reason. If you happen to saturate the ram unintentionally, swap saves you from a unaccessible machine.

Just let you know a rule of thumb: for 1TB, 3-4 jobs. 2TB 6-8 jobs. raid 0 does not make difference.

So i should leave swap on even if it get almost full with 60-70% of my ram free(actually the free one is always in cache)?

Hi, how many plots are you running per day?
I have a similar config and struggling hard hehe

Actually testing out new configs again, 22-23 per day right now