Stuck in the 0 XCH club? I built the first-ever Chia faucet, receive free Chia by claiming today!

The first-ever Chia faucet is paying out! You can claim some XCH today at by entering your wallet address and submitting. We will pay you in a few days, and you can claim from the faucet daily!

If you don’t believe us, check out our payment proofs page, where we show all of the withdrawals and statistics on pending/completed payments: Payment Proofs | Chia Faucet

We also have an FAQ where we answer many questions about how the claims are paid: FAQ | Chia Faucet

Thanks to the generous support of an anonymous donor, the faucet has 1 XCH in funds, and all of it is being given away to you for free!

In the future, we are adding more features to allow you to collect additional XCH, such as fun, arcade-style games that reward you in Chia.

We can’t wait to see where this amazing community will take this project. Please reply with any thoughts or suggestions!


I don’t really get what your incentive is to run this. Can you explain the point of faucets? Or are they just for fun?


No incentive except to help the community! The faucet gives away free Chia to users for clicking a button every day. It runs at a loss and requires donations, but we currently have 1 XCH in the pool, and I intend to give it all away to people in the community, especially those who have not yet received any XCH and are still at 0 balance.


That’s awesome, I dig it

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This will be really helpful for pools, where you might need to have a mojo to record on chain which pool you are farming in.


Wow, that’s actually a really interesting use-case that I never thought of! I’m sure that there will be many scenarios in the future where you do need a mojo or two to interact with something on-chain, and the faucet can be a quick and easy way to get them.

I can report back the faucet works! I know have about ~0,0102375 USD worth of Chia! :wink:

Not sure @FunEarnings how I got a payout of 0.0000075, I only recall entering my address twice and I thought the reward was supposed to be 0.0000025.

Also I would love to enter daily but the messaging is a tiny bit scary:


Would it be a good idea to save a cookie when you claim and hide the form when I return and try to claim again in under 24 hours (including a countdown as to when I can claim again). It won’t stop people who want to cheat but it will be nice for people who are just enjoying doing this as daily casual task.


Originally, the reward was 0.000005 but due to increase of popularity and increase of Chia’s price, we have been decreasing the reward. When you first claimed, that was 0.000005, and second claim was 0.0000025 for a total of 0.0000075.

As for the message, we have removed that. We do have a system in place to check whether they have claimed within the past 24 hours, but somehow a bot circumvented that time checker to claim 10000 times within 12 hours. Luckily, we were able to cancel all of these claims in time, and we added a captcha and message for further deterrence. I think the message is probably unnecessary now given our upgraded anti-bot measures.

Thanks so much for your feedback! We have more exciting features on the way!

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Thanks for the clarification, great stuff! I would still love to see a timer so I don’t have to worry about causing extra load on your servers but I’m happy to learn I am not going to be banned! :wink:

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Yes, there should be a message if you try to claim more than once per day saying what time you can claim next, but I can definitely make it so that there is a timer to ease server load.

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This was very cool of you. You are a good person.

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Thanks so much for your compliments!