Sudden problem with response times

Hello everyone, for a couple of days I have a very serious problem in response times. Last Attempted Proof instead of showing me a new challenge every 10 seconds it remains blocked for several minutes and then the challenges are added with a delay of over 200 seconds.
The network works fine, the machine with the 1.1.7 chia farm is a completely idle server, the disks of this machine are full of plots. There is no way I can solve this problem …

I am thinking that the cause could be the “checking of new plots” in the directories … what do you think? If the problem is that is it possible to update the new plots only manually?

I had this same issue. I am just trying to remember what it was. Check the directories that are being checked. Are they all accessible? I think my issue was I had a directory still being checked that was offline.

i checked all directories and all are accessible … i don’t understand … i have 7000 plots

Is this a windows system?

Yes, Windows Server 2019

now i don’t even get any challenges after restarting everything …

I found the post where I fixed my issue. It is probably not the issue you are having.

But I did find the issue. I setup a remote mounted folder so I could migrate plots from another NAS. That migration finished yesterday but I left the mounted folder. That folder is mounted under one of the volumes that gets scanned for plots. Well, Friday night, I turned off that other NAS. So, the mounted folder is still there but cannot connect to its remote folder. So, delay.

Brought the other NAS back online so I could unmount the folder. Then deleted it. Problem gone.

You won’t get challenges until it is synced. Is it synced?

Yes, both wallet and blockchain synchronized

Check the debug log and see what is going on.

at times it seems to go normally, while then it remains blocked for many minutes …

I have the same problem, the last couple of days my farmer is missing 80% or more of the challenges. I’ve tried going back to 1.1.7, restarted everything, tweaked connection settings, manually connected to different nodes.

My farmer is on a super beefy machine with nothing else running except chiadog. Port 8444 is open, everything looks normal except for the logs.

exactly my same problem- …

Offloading the harvesting to another system really helps. Even though it doesn’t show in resource usage, for some reason running all of it in one node is a problem. I have even proven that if you start hyper-v and run another windows instance and just run your harvester there, it helps. It just shows that it isn’t a resource problem but a software problem.

As a quick test, kill the harvester on your node. See if the problem goes away.

Most of my harvesters are on other machines, but I do have a harvester for a few plots on the farmer. Killed the harvester on the main node now, will see if that helps.

I killed all the harvesters with no success …

harvesters? You have multiple running? On the same machine? What is your setup? What is running on the system that has the full node, the system you are seeing the problem on.

I create plots on other machines but directly from powershell with madmax without starting chia, on the main machine (new server) I only have the chia software started and all the connections for the plots distributed locally and on nas. Nothing else running