Suitable system requirements for chia node

Hello Guys,

I want to sell my high end pc since we are out of plotting part and sold most of our drives as well.

So I want to know what might be the best hardware specs for running a full node without any issue.

My current pc with node setup specs are following

ryzen 3700x ( previously it was 5800x )
32 gb ram
128 os ssd with chia wallet sync on it.
1 TB nvme

This is acting as full node along with harvester and currently got 40 TB attached with it.

I also use this pc for work but its more or less overkill for me since most of the time I am making websites in php and online.



in this instance
ONLY if u have remote harvesters. I would in this case recomend a raspi 4
make sure ur harvesters got decent 4 cores minimum tho and 8 gb of ram…
but for full node just sitting there…
go for a ubuntu full node pi4, super easy install with the apt repository
I personally virtualize everything and use old enterprise servers

thanks a lot.

buying a pi4 is more expensive for me compare to getting a 3rd or 4th gen desktop pc so will that work for me with 8 gb ram and ubuntu installation as full node.

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And you can’t this machine that you already have? In the future you will be ready to go on other projects and won’t have to look for new hardware.

for sure. solid plan just make sure u got 4 cores. should be great.