Hi guys i am opening my new service for plotting, for now have 4 different plotting service

  1. (Small Plotting Package) 20 plot = 10$ for crypto or 11$ for paypal, minimum buying 20 plot
  2. (Medium Plotting Package) 100 plot = 45$ for crypto or 50$ for paypal, minimum buying 100 plot
  3. (Bronze Dedicated Plotting Package) 200 plot = 80$ for crypto or 88$ for paypal (you got 14-15 plot per day, so total will be 200 plot in 14 days)
  4. (Silver Dedicated Plotting Package) 450 plot = 135$ for crypto or 149$ for paypal (you got 14-15 plot per day, so total will be 450 plot in 30 days)

How to pay:

  1. Upfront payment: you pay first, and i give link that will automatically updated when new plot available, so you can start downloading your plot faster (available for all package)
  2. Normal Payment: I completed your plot, after all completed you send the payment, less than one hour after that i give you link with full of your plot order (available for small and medium package)


  1. if we dont complete your order in 10 extended days, after commitment days, we will give refund accordingly (ex: if we only send half of your order , we will refund 50% back)


  1. Q: How long plot will be saved?
    In default small and medium package Plot will be saved in our storage for 14 days after all plot completed, Dedicated Package plot will be saved in our storage for 30 days after all plot completed. (all negotiable case per case)
  2. Q: What plotter do you use?
    We are using madmax plotter so for now only k32 available, you can request using other plotter but it might decrease amount of plot you will receive
  3. Q: How long time will plot take?
    We can make 60 Plot/day for now, will upgrade our server, if there is demand for it
  4. Q: What is Dedicated Plotting package?
    We will use dedicated server to plotting your order so you dont need to queu
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Is there anything i can do, to make my service better??

I am not a proponent of paying for plotting, but your do offer an excellent rate and I am filling my 128TB too slowly and behind the network growth curve. I am interested.

Which currency are you quoting for your rates?
I do not desire K32s. I only want K33s.

I am using CAD and would be willing to paypal $0.75/K33, so maybe 200 K33 plots for 112.50 … I’ll go for an even $115, but …

I would not pay up front. I would be willing to paypal $0.80CAD per plot on day 10, 20, and 30 based on plots I had downloaded and was successfully farming on those dates. On day 30 I would also happily pay for the plots that were not quite transferred and were not farming yet, as long our track record was good.

I am not even sure yet … if we find agreeable terms I will still have to run the numbers and convince myself.

Thanks for your time.

im interested in 450 plots

Hi thank you for your interest

my currency is USD, seems i cant do that with that rate, because even with 0.8 USD/plot for k33 but if not using madmax , the time will double. thats why i might can offer that price for K33 if only madmax plotter can plot k33, or if other plotter can plot faster than madmax

Hi thank you for your interest

by 450 plots do you mean Silver Dedicated Plotting Package?? if yes , it will give you 15 plot per day for total 450 plots, the payment need to be upfront whether by paypal or major crypto. you can contact me, by PM


Good luck in your venture! :grinning:

I’ll plot for you for that amount

$0.80 CAD per K33 plot with payment on day 10, 20, and 30?

How many K33 plots would you expect to be able produce for me in thirty days? I would be hoping for 175 K33s in thirty days and might do the same again after with payment upfront.

Placed an order…let’s see if is legit.

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Let us know how it goes please. If legit it looks like a good deal

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Anyone used the service?

hi , i just send you folder link in your PM, its contain the plots pls check it if you have free times, thanks :slight_smile:

Hi guys, thank you for your attention and interest, since i cant edit my old post updated thread will be post in this link

Thank you

I’ve bought a Small Plotting Package, downloaded, and tested, everything it’s ok. I’ll back to buy soon, thanks.

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I’ve asked for 30 plots and asked to send me the quote, told me that is not enough for a packet, I need to buy a packet to receive plots daily for a month.

lol what are you saying, you ask for 30 plots, and i am saying the eta is about 2 days, because you need to queue. if its on dedicated line you dont need to queue. i never reject any order with quantity 20 plot or bigger, because thats what i write in my thread

i think lets the reader be the judge

thank you for your review, my pleasure doing business with you :smiley:

Just to be clear, it did not go straight away.
I said “I order X plots, send me link to pay, here are my farming/plot details, etc”. You did not reject, but it did not go like an arrow either.
Below was your reply.
Sans titre

lol what do you mean, did you see my earlier screenshot, thats clearly tell you where you can send the payment, if you agree with my condition (which is eta 2 days). my answer is to the point

And your screenshot is way more later