Suspicious pools. What is happening?

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If we were to inflate our numbers by 4x but are still winning at the rate that we claim (~20min at the time of posting), where would we get all this chia from to pay people out? You think that we infusing 60 blocks/day out of our own pockets? Also, use the method OP is using to verify every block claimed by the pool, you’ll find that all 70-80 blocks that we find are indeed block rewards by our farmers.


Thanks for the interesting review @dontfoolusplz

In we include block confirmation height, not the height of the block that has been won. Keep in mind, it is NOT the confirmation height of the incoming transation to the wallet, becuase that coin is created by a seperate “absorb” transaction.

After thinking about it a bit, height of the original block is probably more interesting to display, so we will switch to that value shortly.


Thanks for the reply. You are one of the few pools that made some kind of public statement about this.

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Thanks for doing this research @dontfoolusplz and bringing this to our attention.

Indeed we were showing the wrong blocks in the statistics which I agree was confusing.
We fixed this and now show the proper height and header hash of the original block farmed by the pool participant.

We hope this clears things up and makes things more transparent. We would appreciate a double check and an update on your side.


I had to delete my original post, i’have been personnaly harrased for it and my identity has been stolen.

For frenchfarmers you can check this : Chia (XCH) Address xch16aq8fpg45pdk9v68nsa5kdvvlsfpayca4skjlw8qqfsm6jhks3rq00g0ym | XCHscan

Yesterday 3 blocks I think you should review your article.

I had to delete my original post, i’have been personnaly harrased for it and my identity has been stolen.

It’s not our concern, I earn money with the pool and even more than with some. You are pissed off because you got fired from the project.

Thank you for your honesty and response. Unfortunately I can not edit the original post anymore, there seems to be a time limit for editions in the forum. Maybe an admin can transform this thread into a wiki post so we can edit it.

I’ve upvoted your comment in the meanwhile so other users can see it stick out and know that your pool is legit.

If you read the post carefully you can see that I am not claiming that FrenchFarmers is faking rewards, but that they seem to be artificially making their netspace bigger than it really is. This has been confirmed by the leaked code of an ex-frenchfarmers developer.

We don’t know why they do this but we can speculate that they are faking their netspace to attract more farmers.

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what do you think about findchia? they recently won blocks, they seem very nice, its even too cool to be there and it’s interesting to know if they are legal or not

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Latest exploit that was discovered after the 1 mojo one. Note that I only mention exploits after major pools have had a chance to patch them.

This has been known since the very beginning, even as the reference pool was being developed. One mitigation in the ref pool is that there is a cooldown period for updating diff, so you can’t effectively submit each and every partial at its difficulty, only some. In fact what the reference pool does is it defers the update for 10 minutes, so your adjustment comes way too late to benefit from it.
In any case, the best way to fix this is to have a better difficulty adjustment algorithm so that you don’t really need the farmer to give you hints.