Swar Errors Module Not Found or Mapping Not Allowed

“Scripts not allowed”

Open PowerShell with “Run as Administrator”
Copy and Paste the following into the PowerShell and hit enter:
Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned

If “Module is not found”, you have a problem with your Python Installation.

You should reinstall the SWAR directory by deleting the folder and then reinstalling according to the installation instructions EXACTLY.
Be sure to Activate your venv BEFORE running pip install.
Be sure you setup your CONFIG.YAML correctly

START displays a line of code ending with “Mapping Not Allowed”

YAMLs are funny. They need EXACT formatting.
A space in the wrong place will crash it.
Look at all the entries you made in the YAML and make sure there is EXACTLY one space, and only one space, after your entries.
Correct —> chia_location: C:\Users
Incorrect-> chia_location:C:\Users\


With this tool you can check you YAML is correct or not


So wait… are you reporting an error? Are you offering advice to people with these 3 errors…? I’m unclear. :confounded:

Hi all.
I was just posting some common problems…

I had these problems… and it was difficult to find a quick answer… so I figured I post them and answer them.

I hope it helps someone someday.

Thanks Voodoo! Great tool!