Swar plot manager won't work with network drive "Failed to get disk_usage of drive None"

I am using the swar plot manager for two weeks and it’s running fine on Windows 10 and 7 with local harddisk.

But now disk is full and I am trying to add an new drive via home network at another computer - and I am stuck.

The swar plot manager doesn’t “see” the network drive.
I tried the following syntax:

1.)    destination_directory: Y:\

2.)    destination_directory: \\\d

3.)    destination_directory: 
    - \\Bluechip\d
    - \Bluechip\d
    - Y:\
    - \\\d

(Bluechip is the name of the computer)

I can reach the network drive via windows explorer without any problems, but swar not.

So please help to geht the drive connected correctly.
I found an article at, I think github, who someone posted that he has same problem with chia v1.7 and it worked on v1.5 but I can’t believe that’s a problemof chia core and would like to avoid downgrading

thanks very much and Greetings from Germany