Swar Plotting: 1) how well does it really work 2) problem with farming the Swar plots

  1. After 21 hours of usage I do not see any real difference between Swar plotting and Chia GUI plotting.

One of course could argue that it has do with how well it is set up but still no big difference - if any-

  1. strangely enough the plots I did complete via Swar are not included in farmingq there is an erroe message sayning something “stupid” like “check if your hard drives having these plots are connected” but certainly this in Not the case since all my other plots being farmed happen to be on the same hard drives!

Any idea why this might be happening?

Good afternoon guys and best of luck!

well technically there is no difference between Swar and GUI, they both use the exact same process for plotting. Swar is just much easier to configure your plot cues. And that, if setup correctly, usually helps to get better performance

  1. check the “exclude final directory” setting. If set to true, it wil not add to the Chia farmer.
    If they are in the same folder as other plots it might just be a matter of restarting the GUI and they will show up .
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many thanks Voodoo! I have restarted but without any positive outcome; there are only 12 plots so it does not matter alot, but still I thought it would be good to report it!

Are you sure you are still plotting with the same keys?

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I made a new wallet after leaving HPool. Could that be the cause of the missing plots?

yes if you don’t specify the which keys to use in the config, it will use whatever is default at that moment.

So if the GUI is still logged in to the old key, and you are plotting with a new key. they wont work in that farm.

The real benefit of using Swar’s is the management of ongoing plots. You won’t see that running for 21 hours. The system is still settling in. Run your plots in the GUI for 3 days and then run them in Swar’s you will see the difference. The GUI has no way of controlling the parallel plots properly. After a couple days, they will synchronize to where all of them are running at the same time. Stacking up in phase 1. Swar’s prevents this by monitoring the actual progress of the plots and controlling when they start. The simple delay setting in the GUI is not sufficient.

But what Voodoo is saying, the actual plot produced is no different. Swar’s uses the same chia executable to produce the plots. It just controls when the plot is started.