Swar plotting manager doubt

Hello, today I tried for the first time this script but I had a “problem”.

I wanted to start 2 plots in the job, and when at the beginning of the 4th phase I wanted to start others two plots in the same job, for a total of 4 plots simultaneously.

Here the settings I used:

name: Test
max_plots: 999
temporary_directory: K:\
destination_directory: P:\
size: 32
bitfield: true
threads: 2
buckets: 128
memory_buffer: 10000
max_concurrent: 4
max_concurrent_with_start_early: 4
initial_delay_minutes: 0
stagger_minutes: 0
max_for_phase_1: 2
concurrency_start_early_phase: 4
concurrency_start_early_phase_delay: 0
temporary2_destination_sync: true
exclude_final_directory: false
skip_full_destinations: true
unix_process_priority: 10
windows_process_priority: 32
enable_cpu_affinity: false
cpu_affinity: [ 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]

The problem was that the job started with 2 plots (and this is ok) but at the beginning of second phase it started other two plots.


I can’t understand the mistake…mabye I have to set “max_concurrent: 2” and not “max_concurrent: 4”?

Can you help me?

Because that is what you told it to do. Max concurrent set to 4 means you say it can have a maximum of 4 plots running at once. Then you limit phase 1 to a max of 2. So, there will be two until one of them moves to phase 2, then it will start another. It will do that until your max is reached, which is 4.

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Yes, because now you have it set so that you have max 2 in phase 1, and max 4 in total. So as soon as the first two finish phase 1, the manager will kick off the next two plots.

So for what you want,
max_concurrent: 2
max_concurrent_with_start_early: 4
max_for_phase_1: 2

That should work they way you intended I think

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