SWAR Settings - 5950X, 64GB, 4x1TB 980 PRO NVME

Hi, thanks for the great forum and amazing contributors, I have learned so much here. I’m setting up SWAR tonight on a 5950x with 64GB RAM with 4 1TB 980 PRO NVME (thanks @Quindor) drives in raid 0.

This my config file, can anyone please offer feedback?

 - name: samsung
max_plots: 999
temporary_directory: E:\
destination_directory: F:\
size: 32
bitfield: true
threads: 4
buckets: 128
memory_buffer: 4000
max_concurrent: 14
max_concurrent_with_start_early: 14
stagger_minutes: 35
max_for_phase_1: 4
concurrency_start_early_phase: 4
concurrency_start_early_phase_delay: 10
temporary2_destination_sync: false

Main concern is max_concurrent and stagger_minutes.

Appreciate any feedback and happy plotting friends!


I have the same setup for a few days already, the only difference is I have one RAID0 array of 4x Intel 4610 (total of 2Tb) and another one RAID0 of 2x 1TB 970PRO so the grand total is 4TB as well. I’m currently running global max concurrent 20 with 2 jobs (one for each Temp RAID dir), each job having max concurrent of 9, max concurrent with start early of 10, max at phase 1 of 3 (6 in total for both jobs), 5 threads and 3500MB of RAM, stagger 45mins and min delay of 10 mins between jobs. This gives me 40-41 plots per 24h and I believe I can get 45+ (some people argue 50 is doable) but I don’t feel like tinkering it much more since it’s stable and 3-4 more plots per day wouldn’t make any difference, I’d be done filling my HDDs in about 15 days anyway so wasting a day of tinkering would give diminishing returns.

Good luck!


this is my hw: 5950x, 64 ram , 2x 2TB Gen4.
how many plot you do at end of day?

how can set up the config file with my 2x 2TB can help me?

Thanks in advice!

Can you share you phase average of a plot day?