[SWAR Settings] - Dell R720 - 2x E5 2650V2 - 2X2TB NVME - 64gb Ram

Hello guys and gals,

I need your help about geting maximum performance from my new build.

Board: Dell R720

Cpu: 2x E5 2650V2 - 2x (8Core 16Thread)

2X2TB Nvme installed on same PCIE card. I dont know if the system able for raid 0 but if you advice i can do it.

NVME: UD70 _ New PCIe 3.0 With State-Of-The-Art Dual Self-Cooling System Silicon Power

PCIE Adapter: AOC-SLG3-2M2 | Add-on Cards | Accessories | Products - Super Micro Computer, Inc.

4x16gb 1333mhz ddr3 ram

windows 10

Please help me about configuration :slight_smile:

What have you tried so far?

nothing. Im new at this. i just bought the server. and im on installing windows proces now :slight_smile: