SYDNEY, AU - Plotting-as-a-Service - 18TB, 16TB in stock

Now offering plotting as a service in Sydney, Australia.

WD 18TB, and WD/Seagate 16TB, 14TB, etc HDDs on hand and ready to plot.

Plotting will be done to your own key. I can help you with the process.

Plotting Fee:

  • Standard: A$3.2 / plot.
  • Expedited: A$4.5 / plot

HDD Prices: ~A$26 - A$36 per TB.

Express AU Shipping: Free on orders over $2000.

Just a word of warning, and this is not personal to the OP:
Please make sure to validate the reputation of the plotting service and never, ever send anyone your private key.


Plotting services and 18TB/16TB/14TB/etc are still available. Due to HDD shortages, prices are now quoted depending on market conditions.

Hi how to contact you then?

Sent you a DM on the forum :slight_smile: