Sync falling behind

Can anyone tell me how to fix the sync ?
I cant keep up with the node
I keep falling behind the node
Am stil in 23/02/2022
It takes me 3 days to synchronize one day of the chia node
Am using the latest version of chia
Any ideas guys?

On what type of storage do you have your blockchain DB?

Normal hdd as everyone else

So you are running 1.2.11 just to make sure?

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Currently the network is crap. Best you can do is to reduce the number of the peer to 40/30, try to move to an NVME, stop if you are ploting in the same PC and pray.


Put it on an SSD, preferably NVME.

Sorry, not normal, not like everyone else. Most use sata ssd, or nvme. Some may use R.A.I.D. BOHDs, but that’s likely the only exception.

Why do you say the network is the problem? Thank you.

Are you plotting while your trying to sync?

I’m not and the sync it’s slower than it was.

Am not plotting while sync
Using the latest version 1.2.11
Using sata storage for the node
Anyway, this is starting te get more and more difficult to just sync.
This is not what i signed up for.
Ill sell my 130tb hdds, better get some of the investment back otherwise i will get nothin

The prob with the net cuz i tried to download the node from a website, then it took me 2 and a half day just to sync one day of the node
I have i7 7700 and 32 gb of ram
I dont think its my pc.

What type connection? What speed? Can you run a google speed check?
Also what are your logs telling you? Have you looked?
Where there’s a problem, there’s most always a trail of clues.

adding myself to the list of “nope, I use an ssd for the database”

To many possible root causes, too little information:

  • Are you using wifi or power2Ethernet adapter? (-> Hook up your computer straight to the router via lan)
  • is your router a mobile network router with sim card, a sattelite router like space-x or wired? (-> wired is best)
  • What is your connection speed? (
  • Are you plotting on your machine? (-> either plot on another computer or fix the plotting to specific cpu cores and the chia client on the free cpu cores)
  • Likely, the haddisk is the bottle neck. HDDs fall apart when they need to read/write multiple filestreams at once. The head must move back and forth and looses a lot of time doing that (-> a sata ssd should be efficient and not too expensive)
  • are you connected to enough peers to download the database? ( → port forwarding issues?)

KryptoMining is not for everyone. Even I as an IT Technician encounter plenty of new Problems and hold ups.