I am at 2 weeks (give or take a day) TRYING to get the Chia blockchain sync done.
I am LESS THAN HALF WAY DONE (passed 1.4 million out of over 3.2 million this morning).

If you’re worried about maximizing decentralization, PUT OUT A BLOODY BOOTSTRAP.
You are NO DOUBT losing a lot of POTENTIAL nodes that would ADD DECENTRALIZATION to the “we don’t want a bootstrap” STUPIDITY.

I have NEVER seen a blockchain take this BALLPARK of time to sync, and it’s all due to ONE INSANELY STUPID DECISION on the part of the Chia team.

No people, most of us that have any interest in Chia DO NOT have high-end Threadripper/NVME based rigs JUST TO SYNC THE BLOCKCHAIN ON.


What type of hardware are you running? Windows / Linux what size boot drive etc. Whats your download speed also. that can affect your syncing.

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@QuintLeo Are you wireless?

I used to be wireless, and I would lose sync for a while every week or so – sometimes every day or so.
And I always had a full signal strength.

I can only imagine the pain I would encounter if I had to sync from scratch, via WiFi.

After I went with a physical cable to my ISP’s modem/router, I never had a hiccup with my synchronization again.

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Did somebody Say WHY-FY

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I bet it happens at some point, pruned or bootstrap. Their last big push was datalayer so it’s definitely on their mind how to optimize in the future.

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You have to sync THE FIRST TIME to be able to use a "backup snapshop.

2 gig drive (only drive on the machine).
100 Meg ETHERNET to the box outside my house, which is a “fiber network” adapter.
I routinely see over 95 Mbps up AND down.
I also routinely see the CPU cores just sit for 20+ seconds at a time, work fairly hard for about 2-3, then idle some more - yet my bandwidth is never peaking above 25% when only running the sync.

To the wireless person - I have NEVER used wireless, and never intend to do so.

It appears to me that the primary issue is the HUGE SIZE of the blockchain, and the “must recalculate every block when syncing” being very inefficient.

I’m mostly pointing out that their “don’t do a bootstrap because it decentralizes the network” decision IS IN AND OF ITSELF decentralizing the network, as smaller users will QUIT for the most part rather than wait LITERALLY WEEKS for this sync stuff to get done, because their blockchain is way too large.

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My guess is that you never mined bitcoin in the early days…

Has nothing to do with the issue with Chia driving people away because of the deliberate “we don’t want a bootstrap” stupidity.
Making it DELIBERATELY difficult to become a miner is FAR more decentralizing than doing the SANE thing and offering a bootstrap.

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Maybe you should use more CAPS when syncing, that might help with the problem


Hey, I’ll admit it. I’m going noSSD pool this round and a light wallet. I flubbed my database backup regimen and can’t handle the nonsense anymore. I was stressing too hard about decentralization, then I remembered I’m mining (farming) a corporate coin so that’s really not my problem. If that makes me a leech, I’ve been called worse.

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And this is one big reason why we allow people to plot/farm without a node or farm connecting to someone elses node :smiley: You don’t need sync to make the wallet too so win-win.

Plot and farm while waiting for sync so that it doesn’t affect your income.

You can sync from scratch, or you can download a snapshot of a synced database and only sync the new stuff from after when the backup was taken. Has the problem of trust, of course. Many pools have trusted snapshots available.

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That link contains a malware that empties chia wallet(s).

I have flagged that poster as spam, but need another person to do it as well.