Synced, but missing funds and block rewards

Hi all,

I have been having issues with harvester disconnecting at random times and no longer being recognized by my full node. I am running chia on the latest version of Ubuntu. I was running a very old version of chia, so I updated to the latest version on both harvester and node/farmer, 1.3.6.dev0 and have run into more problems.

The harvester still disconnects and can’t be seen from time to time, My internet connection is stable. More often than not, it sees the harvester and not the plots connected to the harvester. Restarting Node and harvester sometimes brings it back live. Occasionally, it only shows a percentage of the plots available on the harvester.

Also now, although the node is Farming and node and wallet are synced, it shows that I have 2.75 block rewards instead of the 3.0 that I have, and I’m also about 2 chia lower than I was yesterday, which makes me think its a syncing issue.

I’m pretty much at a total loss at this point as what to do next.

Probably shouldnt be running dev versions that arent release ready yet…

1 3.5 is the latest release available on

Id try that.

Thx for reply, I followed the update instructions from the official chia wiki INSTALL · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub

Thats how I landed on that version. Im not sure how to revert to a previous version. I’ll figure that out and see if that works.

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Generally i think you just install as normal and pray it works.

But im a windows guy, good luck.

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As crazy as it is, I need for someone to tell me the advantages of running CHIA in Linux verses in Windows 10. On KEYBASE there are always tons of people having issues with their Linux setup. I need the KISS setup :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

I’ve been farming since release day. Not sure what the case is now. But back when nobody knew anything about chia, UBUNTU plotting was 10%+ faster than windows plotting. This was before madmax. I’m not sure if thats still the case or not. But I learned everything using ubuntu through the terminal, rather than using GUI, and now its very familiar to me

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Try running wallet only.
The new chia wallet can sync up quickly to the internet but if you are running node it will sync to that instead. This will let you see if your local node is causing the missing xch

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