Syncing across LAN

I find it silly that you can connect a new farmer to an existing box and Syncing still takes ages. You would think on the local network syncing would be almost instantaneous.

Am I missing something?

You can just copy the database files to the new install


Start Chia again and done

What I did.

On un synced pc, uninstall chia.

On synced pc, restart it, to be sure all processes ended.

On unsynced pc, reinstall chia.
Delete all files in chia folder.
Copy over lan all files from synced pc to proper location.

Restart both pc.

If you don’t shut down before copying, you’ll get issues.

What vodoo said will work, didn’t for me, but I think it was as I left synced pc on when copying.

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Ya, Honestly I’ve only had that work successfully once… I always end up with error’s when I try it otherwise.

If chia was running when you copied, that was prob why you had problems.

Ya, I’ve tried it so many times and made sure it was not running so many times.

Just point was that you would think the two PC’s sitting on the same internal network would take advantage of that…

Indeed. 20 characters

Maybe sync is limited to modest bandwidth to not cause too much congestion.

Wow, that’s a lot of craziness. Windows? I’m on Ubuntu, and I just scp’d the file while chia was running, worked fine. I’ve done it twice. No reboots, reinstalls or nothing.

Yep, windows. 20 chrs

I’ve tried both Windows and Ubuntu. Its all good, It finally sync’d… Just Wow.

@Bones I like the 20 character.

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