Syncing Problem

I am using version 1.2.9 on raspberry pi4. Sometimes I come across a situation like this. Farming status and status seem to be synced. But in the farm section, last attemped proof appears in the past date. It’s not actually synced. For example, when I turn it off and on, I realize that it was 1 day ago. and chia won’t open without restarting.
I am facing this problem every 6 hours. Do you have any suggestions?

Upgrade to the latest version.

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Ditch the node go for a node less wallet and farmer

i upgraded but same issue.

what does it mean? what should I do?

I’m having the same problem, and still trying to find solution. Somehow, farmer freezes and stops syncing (shows all is working great) and only thing you can do is restart and let it sync again.

I had this issue briefly this morning when moving all drives to another pc.

It showed synced and farming but nothing was passing filter.

I deleted unconfirmed transactions, this showed me not synced and I started to sync again, within no time I was synced and farming.

@ta1inn what type of drive do you have your blockchain mounted on?

farming on rasperry pi 4

OK, but is chia on a ssd, hdd or m.2?

you know raspberry pi 4 also operating system on sd card. So chia app is installed on sd card. My plots are also on external hds.

I’m not a pi farmer, but what speeds does your sd card support input and output?

I would imagine that’s the issue but need those speeds to be sure.

A pi will boot from a m.2 or ssd which would be alot faster ( I’m assuming as it is for a normal pc ).

Sd cards can be between 2MBps to 90MBps if you got a slow one, you will have issues.

Might have to do with older system, because i use motherboard based on ddr3 support and 1150 socket.
Seems to me that would not be the problem if i move to new pc. Idk, need to try this

speed is good for this farm. I have been farming for a long time on rpi4. I farmed 10 chia. this is a newly created problem.

I am using rpi4. Because of low power consumption.

Our nodeless farmer gets you down to 1-2 watts but it only works if your Nft plots are already pointed at us. Running the chia node on a pi4 is possible but definitely not recommended it’s bad for the network to have slow nodes.

I was farming with chia on a hdd for a long time, I also farmed 10 coins.
But with more transactions now, a hdd is to slow, and I needed to move chia onto a ssd to make it fast enough to respond on time.

SD card speed has nothing to do with your farm size. It is the blockchain db access that sucks if it sits on SD card. It was already suggested on this forum to move your blockchain / wallet dbs to one of your HDs, and symlink it to your db / wallet original folders.

I also 100% agree with @Bones that you should change your RPi to boot either from SSD or NVMe. Moving db to one of your HD is just a bandaid as blockchain db will grow, and for most people that try to use HD to hold those db is already not fast enough (I had to move it from an average SSD to an NVMe on Intel i5 box).

Another option is to add one more RPi (potentially RPi3) to be a harvester, and to use your RPi4 as a full node only.

Lastly, blockchain db is hosed on two ends. First is the media speed (e.g., your SD card), the other is the number of peers that are triggering read/write blockchain db access. You may want to try to drop the number of peers down to 40-20, to get a temporary relief.

IMO, all those options are to some degree just temporary solutions, as with blockchain growth, this will become a choking point for most of farms. This is basically the issue that Chia needs to fix on their end, basically rewrite their db / peers related code, and potentially dump sqlite db.

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We’re already doing this on our end. Chia is focused on their two big clients which is what they should be focused on if we want XCH to go up. You may already be peering with us on test net.

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