Syncing problems

After new update my client stops to sync after period of time and than i need to restart to get it back work. This is happening every few hours and periodic. What can cause this? Here i have some pics:

Have you tried deleting unconfirmed transactions?

Deleted and restart the system, now lets see if this happens again

Good luck.
What is your database mounted on, ssd, m2, hdd, sd card?

I have all installed on SSD

OK, that should be fine and not the issue.

Might have to do with older motherboard system that i use because on my new laptop sync’s perfectly.

At this point I’m just blaming bad code, it’s fooked, if I hadn’t sunk as many pennies in I’d be gone, sad but true.

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Yeah, maybe I was a bit harsh when I jumped on that guy that presented his code. (Yes, that was just high school level code, and he was not addressing the issues with that code, but was clinging to an irrelevant issue - from coding perspective.)

The point is that none of us software engineers want to write a bad code. Really, we all want to get the best what we can do. The “can do” is the keyword here. You need experience, you need training. If company is just hiring fresh graduates with perfect scores, there is really no in-house expertise. Yes, they write code that is potentially the best on their level, but that just doesn’t cut. If there is no in-house expertise, trying to get a “better” code is just a dead horse management.

Also, there are two type of companies, those that recognize, and own problems, and those that send company trolls to beat the bushes, and try to get everyone into submission.

So, my statement about that petition to have Chia contract with Flex is basically saying that I am afraid that as it is right now, they are neither capable, nor willing to address those issues.

If not people like you, and few other guys, I would give up long time ago (I also stopped expanding my farm). I am new to crypto, so I really trust your judgement. I also saw several posts from people that are crypto old timers, and basically all of them are asking to let the development code be done by “professionals” (i.e., developers with years in crypto development). Chia has enough money to go that route, and if they do, they can really focus on their banking side, while the foundation will be outsourced to guys that know crypto in-and-out.

That is just a very broad brush. If your system was running before, it implies that maybe some tweaks will help. I have my node on Intel low power i5. It worked great, but about two weeks ago started having problems. I tested my SSD, and it looked great on those tests. However, when I tried to copy that db, do some standard things, that SSD was just barfing at me. I added NVMe to that box, and everything works great now. So, maybe you need to add a bit of memory, or go NVMe route, and that will greatly extend the life of your box.

Also, you may want to look into dropping the count of your peers to something like 20 or so. That will relieve your blockchain a bit. If you can, get a screenshot of your Connection section from the Full Node panel.

I prefer flex to be independent. They have said they are rewriting the chia client and something about a mvp was mentioned

I didn’t mean to imply that Flex would fold their work, but rather they would work on Chia code (as independent contractors) in addition to what they do now. Flex has shown that they understand the space, and have a very good software team. Of course, it doesn’t matter whether that would be Flex or any other software company with crypto expertise. My understanding is that there is plenty of software knowledge in Ethereum or Bitcoin space, so that could be another route. I guess, something along the MadMax/BladeBit example.