Synology DS1515+

So, I decided to farm Chia, since I liked the fact that it doesn’t cost me a liver and my life savings in electricity bill. The NAS has 5 x 6TB drives, and I ponder it’s best to farm then plot on it? Install Virtual Manager and Ubuntu?

Do I raid the drives in a certain way, or just use them separatelly?

The Synology NAS is excellent for farming, not so sure for plotting.

But you can try and share your findings here :wink:


Should I raid the drives in a certain way?

For farming, you should not. You want as much space as possible. You don’t care about the data at all. Just create 1 JBOD volume per drive. If one drive fails, then just replace it and re-plot it.


Excuse the stupid questions, but I create 5 plots on it then? One for each drive?

you can just plot until 1 HDD is full and move on to the next. or you can create a Pool of all your disks into 1 pool and just plot. The NAS will take care of the storage.

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Cool, thanx. How long doesn it take to fill a 6TB drive?

Depends on how fast you can plot. I filled up an 8TB in 3 days