Taking your old plots to HPOOL Poll

Are you just going to delete your old plots or put them to work in HPOOL?

Maybe you are going to stay a solo farmer, what are your thoughts?

  • I will be joining HPOOL / I have already joined HPOOL
  • I will continue as a solo farmer and replotting for pools
  • I will continue as a solo farmer forever
  • What is HPOOL?

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I don’t want to promote or even like the idea of taking old plots to HPOOL, but it seems far more economical than just deleting the plots and replacing them with the pool capable plots.

However, that then raises the question that if you were to move all your old plots to HPOOL, would you then buy more space for creating the new pool capable plots (in a new wallet) or just sell that plotting rig for a profit before it dies?

I am still unsure about how I want to proceed :thinking:

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Ill be re-polotting to official pools once available. For now my few TB is better on HPool than drowned in the ever growing expanse :smile:

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For those stating they will be a solo farmer forever - have you done any calculations on earnings via a pool versus projected earnings as a solo farmer over a period of 3/6/12 months?

I would be interested to know what your thoughts are about future earnings with and without a pool for your current setup.

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One thing I would consider is the current crackdown by the Chinese government on crypto farming in that country. I don’t know if that would affect HPOOL or not if they aren’t actively farming themselves, but who’s to say what would happen when/if they pull the plug.

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Maybe I buy new hdds for pools (I already ordered a few), but with the space I already have filled (65TB) I guess will continue solo farming.

I’m here since late march… so, I have pretty good ROI (unrealized, haven’t sold any XCH) for my small investment. I’ve done numbers (also added electricity costs for running the farm 1 entire year) and I will be with profits even if XCH drops like 60% from current price. Considering that it already dropped more than 50% from maximum i see it unlikely to happen… but this is crypto, it can go to 0$.

So, taking this into account, I guess I can afford gambling a little bit and see if I’m lucky enough to win 1-2 more blocks over the next year as solo farmer. :man_farmer:

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I’m not in it for the money, just for the game.
I think joining pools is taking a guaranteed loss in exchange for a small trickle of revenue.
I think solo farming is just a lottery, in the very long run equal to pool returns without having to pay the pool tax

No HPool or any other pool like it. I would never give my keys to a stranger. Especially a stranger in another country that could just walk away with everything and leave you with absolutely no way to recover anything legally. That is just too big of a risk.


Correct me if I’m wrong, but as I know - You can’t join HPool with your already plotted plots, they also need to be replotted.

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If that was the case then why would Hpool need all your keys? they would just use your farm key and no one would think they could potentially steal it all

you can thats why so many are joining… but say good bye to your private keys (worth nothing if you haven’t won anything)

i gave up my plots to hpool few days ago and created new private keys to create new plots when official pooling starts… i will then see which is my best option.

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I’ve got a separate machine that i could just hook up my HDDs to and set it on a different wallet and stuff to farm with HPools, while my main one just does solo famring. Do you think that is do-able? currentl 12TiB and counting, max 20TB right now and i’ve got 45TB incoming later this week which i may use for replotting to official pools. but that existing 20TB i could just turn into HPools… what do you think?

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We have an interesting split here!

One question; do the people joining/have joined HPOOL already plan to move over to the new pools or will you be continuing to stick with HPOOL even after more secure pools are supported?

I really don’t want to re-plot everything… it’s soo tedious and burns through NVME drives. So I’m gonna farm what I can until the return no longer matches the monthly hosting costs. By my calculation that should be roughly one year.


Out of principle, I don’t want to join hpool. Out of economics… I’m almost tempted. But I really don’t want to install sketchy software, so… will probably stick to my plan of replotting pool enabled plots to replace my existing plots.
Question I’ll have is if I can keep farming my solo plots while farming pool-enabled solo plots. All on the same system.

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I’m taking this time to get my plotting systems optimized so I know exactly what they can produce. So when the version comes out that produces pool enabled plots, I know how quickly I can accumulate them and I’m not spending that time chasing my tail working on the config (like I am now). I will most likely be able to plot my entire storage available with pool enabled plots before a reputable pool is even online. The ability to make pool enabled plots is supposed to be out in a week, then actual pools have to take that information and develop their platforms. Could take a bit.

Yes, see: Pooling FAQ · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub

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for some reason, I missed that on the same machine bit last time round. I also didn’t see how pools were going to be done… it seems more involved than I realized (for the pool operator). Going to have to really make sure to use legit pools.

I joined hpool a few days ago and thought I’d address some of the concerns here, as well as provide some screenshots and info for those interested. Warning: Herein I do not explore morality or your feelings or whether Bram would approve - only the facts. :slight_smile:

  1. You don’t “give them your key.” You give them a hash of your key that is used to access the plots that were plotted using your key. You do this through an executable that you download from github, so it is theoretically possible that this executable is actually storing or sending your real key. But just to be clear, at no point does hpool ask you to upload your “real key” to their website.

  2. What could hpool do with your “real key” if they did have it? Well, they could empty your wallet. So the answer to this is to simply keep your wallet empty. Create a new wallet address and send your earnings to the new wallet as soon as you receive them from hpool. DO NOT create this wallet on the same machine that you run hpool miner if you are concerned about security. Again, theoretically the hpool miner apps could read your other keys on the same machine if it was acting maliciously.

Here are some screenshots of my “revenue” from hpool. I just started 2 days ago so yesterday was my first full day. I’ve got over 650 plots and I earned 0.05421960 XCH for yesterday. Today, Chia Calculator says I should expect about 0.0565 per day, so that’s pretty close!


I planned to use my old plots with Hpool, install hpool inside the VM for safety, and make another wallet for the official pool when arrive, 2 ways earning!
When the official pool come, everyone need to start from 0, I still wonder how official pools can grow against Hpool to share the coin reward in a short time.