In the config.yaml under pools, there is the value target_puzzle_hash. I accidentally changed this value instead of the payout instructions value that I needed to change. Sadly, I overwrote my backup file after changing this value. Does anyone know how to recover or recalculate the value? Partials are still being submitted, but there are other problems.

At this point, I am considering trying to leaving the pool and briefly return to solo framing. Then I would rejoin the pool or possibly try another pool. I am hoping that this will clean up the config problems.

The solution was to leave the pool and then rejoin. This caused the target_puzzle_hash to get updated. For anyone wondering how to calculate this value, the target_puzzle_hash is the puzzle hash of the pool target address. You can get the target address using “chia plotnft show” then use the converter at Chia Exporer Hash Converter to get the value. It is stored in the yaml file like ‘0x123456…789’.

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