Tax report for Chia coins in Europe


i feel a little bit confused how difficult it is to take tax information out of chia DB. This should be standard in the GUI to export the mined coins with date, time, quantity, currency Euro to an Excel readable format.

How does it work ?

Thank you in advance for help.

I’m interested too, this is a pain in the butt

Our website generates a csv of payouts. I think Space does too. Until it goes from us to you its ours so don’t count it as income until payout.

Small farmer here, self pooling most of 2021. I ended up trying both CLI commands and UI copy-paste for getting transaction data, and built CSV files from outputs. That involved text editor and regular expression substitutions.

Staying in a pool is the sensible way, as Chris wrote :slight_smile:

How does it work, well it doesn’t, because it doesn’t have this functionality.

I log my wins in a spreadsheet daily, this was an utter pain when farming forks, now I only have Chia and one other (soon to be gone) its easy.

The obvious place would be your wallet database, but the GUI only shows the last 50 transaction, and if you re sync that database all the dates and times are incorrect, they reflect the sync time not the win time.

This is something Chia really need to implement.

As mentioned above, if pooling most decent pools have the ability to download a CSV file, but that only shows what you got from the pool, not sure if it shows the 0.25 wins, and it certainly won’t show if you’ve bought/sold any coins.

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