Temp drive utilization issue or not?

Hi all,

I’ve just started plotting on Windows 10. Is it normal that in each phase the temp drive utilization (seen via Windows task manager) does not go above 20%? Should it not be 100% to reach maximum plotting speed?

I’d like to know if anyone else has noticed this before as I cannot find other experiences like mine on the web.

I’m using NVME SSDs as temp drives, no raid.


What MB/s are you getting whilst the disk is 20% active?

About 860 while on paper it should reach 3000

Yep Ok the drive can do better than that, but the chia plotter can only generate so much data.

Are you running a few at once? Is the CPU maxed out?

There is a major flaw in windows disk write caching, but im quite sure that only applies to multiple drives, not one single high speed nVme.

It can only reach that speed for a short time, after that the cache is full and the drive drops back to native NAND-cell speed.
this varies greatly per drive model from 300-2000 MB/s

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I’ve tried with a single drive and multiple drives and single plot & parallel (multiple) plots.

The CPU is not maxed out.

@Voodoo if the drive is saturated, it would not be showing as 20% active

@ChiaPlotter You should be ok with a 3gb/s ssd. My friend has no problem saturating his CPU. I can only suggest to use a Linux VM - see my post via my profile - worked for me, but I am on HDD.

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Sorry that I don’t understand, what do you mean by this? Would you care to explain please?