Temporary "stall" at 31% -- the end of Phase 1

When plotting using various settings/HDD/SDD there always seems to be a very prolonged “stall” at 31%

It will eventually progress but just curious what is going on at that point?

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I’m not sure; does this graph help?


I’m just doing my first plot and have the same thing. I searched the forum for plotting 31% because of it and found this post. It’s been like if for well over an hour and the disk light is mainly just flashing about once a second. Is it normal? I’m running on Linux Mint (based on Ubuntu 20.04) and old hardware with only 8GB of RAM using default GUI plot settings.
Thanks for any insight.

Turns out it’s the end of phase 1 which is fairly CPU intensive

Depending on your setup, it should eventually progress!


That was a quick reply, I was just editing typo in my post. Thanks a lot, I’ll leave it running and see what happens.

First of all, I love this graph. It is everything :heart_eyes:

Let’s see – full graph width is 500px, the phase lines are at these exact pixel positions in the graph

1 start 12px 2.4%
1 complete 218px 44%
2 complete 284px 57%
3 complete 432px 86%
4 complete 495px 99%

End of phase 1 doesn’t really line up with this data though.