Testing 128 vs 64 vs 32 buckets (6T)

Conclusion: for this system, more buckets is better

Intel Core i7 6700 (3,4Ghz, 4C/8T)
16 GB memory
Temp drive Samsung 879 EVO 1TB SATA

Phase1Cpu Phase2Cpu Phase3Cpu Phase4Cpu Phase1Seconds Phase2Seconds Phase3Seconds Phase4Seconds CopyTimeSeconds TotalSeconds Threads Buffer Buckets
2,661 0,861 0,863 0,521 02h 24m 51s 01h 11m 02s 02h 37m 32s 16m 15s 15m 26s 06h 29m 41s 6 6780 MB 128
2,757 0,979 0,981 0,852 02h 35m 48s 01h 09m 02s 02h 44m 02s 13m 38s 18m 24s 06h 42m 32s 6 6900 MB 64
2,302 0,977 0,987 0,818 03h 02m 03s 01h 11m 40s 02h 38m 17s 12m 49s 15m 26s 07h 04m 51s 6 13600 MB 32
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Can you retest with 13600 memory for the 64 buckets? Would love to see the time.

Will do. Why do you think it would need that much memory though?

In my testing with 64 buckets it was needing 4x the memory of 128 buckets. I am not sure why this is the case and Iā€™m trying to see if it was an outlier on my end.

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