Testnet9 Faucet

Hello Everyone,

I cant seem to find a testnet9 faucet. Can someone please point me in the right direction or send 1.0 to my wallet


Thank you for your help!!!


done, its on the way.

Thank you kind Sir!!!

If we have enough by the end of this will create a Testnet9 faucet!

@NicoV thats a great idea!!

@maxiopool.io can u also gimme 1 im trying to test the pool nft


sent 0.5 balance running low :rofl:

Me too please :pray:


Good one, but I am not giving away real XCH here lol

I am off for the day…

Hi! Could you please send some here as well? txch1ufsgnuey8qhesn64pjj5rxle3jvxq8ns5r9vlm4tjywfvxdujr9sgs9a5x

probably a little late, but I sent it anyway :slight_smile:

awesome, thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi there! Could you send me some TXCH? Much appreciate!

Me too… plz

Sent 0.5 to both of you

Please, send me:xch18k4juxes25fj9k4t7z4mdtryjww5uxymlrm5zfgf98m2v8q8jg3sqhjz5v

That looks like a mainnet address. This is specifically for testnet9 (test chia)

Thank you very much for your help

Please, send me too: txch1k9x6m4ze8x4qqe863jzfcfu3u47u4ppzma0xqec2vxa0l4rfxhuqauujpz

We have sent 0.5 hope this wasnt too late.

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Could you please send some here? :bowing_man: