That´s the current XCH Valuation. Prove me Wrong

(a) Storage Costs for 22,000 EiB = US$ 700mn (US$ 30/TB)
(b) Plot Costs for 22,000 EiB = US$ 700mn (US$ 3/plot)
(c) Total Monthly Reward (XCH @400) = US$ 120mn

Current Monthly Yield = (c) / ((a) + (b)) = 9%

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Nah, like the stock market the crypto market is forward looking.
It’s about what people think Chia will accomplish in the future and how it will be valued in the future.


I´m considering stop plot chia.
Minning Market are great for hardware market.

Look at the price of graphic cards any normal human been have to pay 5 times less if graphic cards are used for what they have been created and not for mining ethash. With the increase of mining chia hard drives are much more higher price even on used market of old sas drives. We are wasting resources in my opinion and is not any green idea.

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You are absolutely correct! I am sure eventually human beings will catch up to the marketing gimmick - it becomes self evident just as you plan to embark on the venture on the paper…absolute waste of resources!

Thank you I have one Idea. But I can’t share.
No one wants share world equality. Just a dream…

Why the huge crash on Chia? It has lost 40% for the last week? Kinda scary especially when it popped so high and seemed to settle in the $700 range. Any thoughts would be good. TY

Chia is in some respects moving down because Bitcoin moved down. It’s not more complex than that really. Did any other crypto not move down when Bitcoin did (for the most part)? No. Chia is no different.

But BTC had a nice rebound this week and XCH continues to tank. The potential is huge for XCH. I wonder what the floor is.

Any pair with BTC is falling, its a normal market movement and when BTC skyrocket pair will keep falling more (against BTC), however this is a mid/long term investment. If chia is succesfull, it will easily recover by the end of the year

Well, I did wait and bought again at $383 to avg down, but I hope, the floor is near. :wink:

You seriously do not want to start down that path

I would advise against using mining profitability to determine coin value since you are competing against people who have unreal edges, and the coin value doesn’t necessarily fluctuate to maintain the mining ROI.

I think the floor for Chia is down in the double digits (feel free to tag this if reality shows otherwise) and I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes down to just a single digit. Please, do your research on the crypto market and study as many coins out there before you starting banking in on anything. Chia doesn’t have break-through technology and there are just so many coins out there that had potential the way as Chia and they aren’t doing so hot right now.

Considering the netspace, the price of HDD, it is a fair investment at this price IMHO. CHIA is much more than a new coin. It is a new way of conducting Intl. Banking. This is a 3-5 year play and we are only 3 months in. The team is doing a great job in taking it slow. Slow is smooth and smooth is fast. Crypto crashed, CPI is at a 13 year high, so there are other mitigating factors here. CHIA has a solid business plan, with incredible talent on board from the tech side to the business side. Anyone believing they will get rich in a short time needs to do more DD. Mid-Term, Long Term, I’m all in.

Chia is basically a holdings company. It’s currently an empty box containing 21.000.000 XCH. They can’t liquidate that XCH without totally destroying the value, so saying XCH@400 is pretty meaningless for valuating the company.

They need outside adoption to create the market liquidity before they are able to cash out.

For now it is just speculation frenzy, which like all financial instruments is just a ponzi scheme where you hope that there will be bigger fools than you buying into it. You can’t blame them for that, as this is common to all vapor backed currencies, including fiat.

They hope that at some point in the future blockchain developers that are looking for a public distributed ledger to support their smart-contract application, will prefer their Chia blockchain over other solutions such as Etherium.

Chia puts ChiaLisp forward as a better programming language for smart contracts. However, as someone who has spend a long time in software developement, it is rarely the ‘better’ language that wins, and mostly the one that has popular adoption already. It’s a network effect.

So, who knows what the future brings.


Had to comment on your great response.

Chia has to gain adoption to make it valuable.
Markets are still doing price discovery.

ChiaLisp is a strength, but also a weakness.
It’s needed for Chia to be accepted by the big boy banking / countries, you can’t have the mess we see with Solidity Smart Contracts. The code’s correctness has to be provable via a scientific way and ChiaLisp allows for that.
It’s a different way of programming, up take will be slow. Chia has a huge task at hand to get programmers to think differently, required for a functional programming language.

and this is why Chia has a pre-mine and going to raise money via an IPO. The money raised will allow them to hire the smart programmers that will build the ChiaLisp building blocks.

one of the more advanced ChiaLisp programs from Chia is actually the Pooling Protocol… and now you know why it’s taking so long for it to come out… ChiaLisp is not easy.

Price is still provisional until we hit major EU/US exchanges because… well there is no easy way of buying Chia compared to other coins. So there has to be some additional demand waiting for that event.

Apart from that you still have the leverage of the IPO and pooling when available as positive news for the project that can have a big influence in pricing this year.

From that onwards adoption and the general crypto cycle will drive price accordingly

I feel very good on my avg down. BTC going back up is good for all cryptos. Chia will stand on its own merits over time as the story is just now being written, much alone told.