The best tool for monitoring your HDDs in real time

halo everybody,

what is your preferences? is there something on the market at all?


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For drive health or response times?

Preferably the one having wide spectrum of values of all kind. Temp, smart alerts, power etc

As far as moitoring for chia info, response times, missed signage points, etc you have chiadog or farmr.

Beyond that youve just got normal pc software for drives, i cant advise on that as i dont bother.

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No, not chia related monitor. The second.

Youll have to awsit other responses, i did use the hdd tool most use for temp checks / heallth etc, but i stopped as it intefered with my drives and i dont recall the name of it.


Found it, crystal disk info.
Theres also hdd sentinel.


I use available for both Windows and Linux


Hi! Check the drive health monitoring, with configurable altering, in Machinaris: Drives · guydavis/machinaris Wiki · GitHub

I’ll give it a try, thank you. I heard about this tool but somehow was asured it does support just Seagate drives.

Looks ROCKing! Unfortunatelly i run windows machines, but actually there is a possibility to run docker, I’ll try to run it 'cos it looks exaclty like i want it to be. :love_you_gesture:

It sees all my drives, including the SAS ones I had, and the ones connected via SAS, many programs don’t see them.

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I use crystal disk too…how did it interfere with your drives? I don’t think (?) it is interfering with mine.


My issue was that of my 47 drives, 44 are usb connected.
Some in 4 bay docks, some un shucked as i bought them.
On startup sometimes my 4 bay docks will play up and fall offline as i power on other docks or single drives and then ill need to reinitialise the dropped dock/s to bring it back online.

Once theyre all active its fine and they dont drop.
But for some reason, crystal disk would sometimes knock them offline again.

I assume it re initialises / cycles them at some point causing the issue.

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DiskGenius is my favourite and one of the best disk multitool in my opinion and I’ve checked many. For minus is that you can only scan for bad sectors first 128 disks, next disks are visible as logical partitions, don’t know why. DiskGenius can list all my HDDs and for example CrystalDiskInfo cannot see my disks connected via HBA/SAS Cards and Expanders.

Sudo apt install ……


Grafana but it would be an overkill to be honest

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smartd, Munin running on my servers for years. if there is a disk failure, I get email