The biggest farmer is dev itself?

So i just thinking about what happen with chia netspace in some month ago till now, i just wonder if there is a BIG chance, that the BIGGEST farmer of Chia, is dev itself, its because

  1. Before any fast plotter like madmax or bladebit the netspace are growing like crazy, but when plotter like madmax or bladebit is comeout the netspace growth is had less growth, isnt that strange ??

  2. Even before madmax or bladebit, netspace growing like crazy, supposedly the big plotter have “High-end Hardware” to support their plotting right? but after NFT plot come out, we see too little conversion from OG plot to NFT plot, i can believe if plotting must use ssd, but now we dont even need ssd to plot we can use ramdisk. even many small farmer conversing their OG Plot to NFT, why most OG plot dont ??

  3. If we see the price history at 22 june the chia price already at $219 per chia, yet the netspace is still growing strongly (albeit much slower than at its early phase), and its almost suddenly the growth stopped at 36 EiB (eventhought price are similar to 22 june) its like they have same mind, like they have a target, that they will plot until 36EB or something.

So i just wonder if many people have similar thinking like me ?? But more than that i really want to hear all your opinion, regarding the chance that dev is the biggest farmer itself.

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This is related to the XCH price. When the price is lower than the cost, the progress is slow

If the XCH price reaches $1,000 again, I think you will also speed up plotting. The current status is wait-and-see or even give up for many farmers

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then why this happen

  1. If we see the price history at 22 june the chia price already at $219 per chia, yet the netspace is still growing strongly (albeit much slower than at its early phase), and its almost suddenly the growth stopped at 36 EiB (eventhought price are similar to 22 june) its like they have same mind, like they have a target, that they will plot until 36EB or something.

At 22 June netspace still at 27 EB, so its still growth 10 EB more, while the price is pretty similar from 22 June until today. why now the growth stopped? not at 22 June, if the price is the reason ??

Profitability went down, so it became less attractive to invest. The netspace growth itself is a big factor in this. As soon as it gets too high without an increase in price people don’t want to invest much more.

Also, maybe people at that time where still filling up hdd’s they had already bought before.

So, growth in netspace basically stops itself at some point if there is no increase in XCH price and people run out of space to plot on after a while.

I assume most if not all of the Chia team has some sort of farming setup at home. I doubt any of them are really massive though at least not among the founders.
Why? Their “get rich plan” lies in the shares of Chia Inc. not directly in the coin value.
Could be wrong, have nothing to really back it up but gut feeling tells me none of them have a massive farming setup.

The really big farmers are more likely to be crypto investors or mining companies who have massive funds to invest in hardware and already have the knowledge and infrastructure to setup a big operation quickly.

In the early days, people thought that the price was a kind of fluctuation, and the total capacity of the network was different. Even if the price of XCH was the same, the revenue per TB was very different, but now the price remains low for a long time, and the trend is not good, which makes people lose hope if they want to make money in a short time.

The devs premined 21M xch. Earnings for them from actual mining contributes nothing compared to what they already hold.

That is also a thing but Chia employees are allowed to have private farms.

The pre-mine on the other hand is property of Chia Inc. and subject to board/investor decision by majority.

Actually I have to edit myself here, as I’m quite sure storage_jm is quite a whale who got onboard early and later joined Chia as VP.
Bram described him as “whale” back in May so…

I doubt it, but if it were true would it matter?
Certainly if it were my project I’d be a huge farmer.

chia et mort aucune com …sans augmentation de prix, les gens ne veulent plus investir beaucoup plus. chia inc pris 60 millions de dollars pour d’administration/investisseur le prix est inférieur au coût …

chia et mort no com… without a price increase, people don’t want to invest much more. chia inc took $ 60 million for administration / investor the price is less than the cost …

Not sure if that translated correctly.
THB I’m not sure on the financials of project.

Was that 60m seed money?
I believe the premine is to advance chia without affecting price downwards .

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I can assure you Chia didn’t spend the $61M from the series D on hard drives :sweat_smile:
over 1PB made you a whale at genesis. Unfortunately, I’m not much of a whale compared to the other large farmers I see on the pool leaderboards. You can see my farm anytime, its up on Foxy OG.


well if its true , then the next question will be, do they doing that “legitly” ?? i mean they are the one who make chia, so it is not too strange that somehow they have a “cheap” ways to win blocks

Just to dispel some notions before they turn into rumors:

First off, there is no one “Dev”… there is an entire company of developers and staff who each contribute the development of Chia. Depending on the particular part of the project or operational focus of a given build, some may contribute more than others to a given build, but by and large this is a collaborate project of many devs.

Individual Chia Network staff are free to farm as they see fit, but with their own money and resources only. No one is allowed to farm on Mainnet using company owned hardware. That gear is for development and testing only. Employees of Chia Network are not farming using company resources, so each individual person who does farm is to varying degrees of size and scale based on their own personal investment into their hardware, just like anyone else out there is… this means they have no advantage over anyone else.

As the prefarm is owned by Chia Network the company with access to it controlled/maintained by the board, it doesn’t really factor into this discussion either.

As to the questions around the change in netspace growth in July, I’d like to remind you that first week of July is when Pooling NFT support came out, at which point a HUGE majority of the netspace began to be replotted, with people deleting chunks of plots and replacing them over time, so swap their plots. This dramatically slowed netspace growth as people recycled existing storage space to upgrade to the new pooling format plots.


yes, but what if the target is to control chia coin being exchanged into cash? it will surely help them/investor so much, that it will make harder to crash chia price

Conspiracy theorist much?

That’s a surpising answer…not the farm size at all but where it is.

Can i ask you:
Why pool at all with that size?
Why OG pool? I guess replotting 3 PiB is quite a bitch but after the less than kind words coming from Chia about OG pools, Im kinda surprised to see you there.


wish there was an easier option, I actually have the plotting power just not the time to get everything set up again. I have a small farm with the new pool protocol that I’m having a lot of fun messing with at home. There are a ton of community scripts to replace og plots with pool plots I’ve been wanting to test out.
I joined foxy with the og plots really just to test it out for a month and compare vs the solo wins, still testing!