The Chia CA lists 'Organic Farming Division' for the OU....WHATTTT


I don’t know what there is to say about this…discuss.

Not sure what I’m looking at…

The OU here says ‘Organic Farming Division’.

It’s a little off dare I say :man_shrugging:

I’d just assumed you’d grabbed that from actual real chia crop farmers.

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It’s an SSL certificate. I can put anything there.

Is it USDA Organic? LOL devs had some fun I see.

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Right I just think it’s funny that Chia tries to sell itself as an accountable and trustworthy source and then they go goofing off like this.

It’s just a small easter egg :slight_smile:

This is Chia’s SSL certificate. You can also see it on your local node.

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I worked at a multibillion dollar company, that if you typed (with arrow keys) up, up, down, down, B, A,S,S" in the keyboard on the about us page, it would pop up a credit screen and scroll the names of everyone who was involved in the founding of the company originally… you can be a serious company and still have fun with easter eggs. :slight_smile:

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